DENAVIR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cold Sores “I have suffered from occasional fever blisters since childhood. As a teen and adult, they are embarrassing. Stress can do it, and also, if my body is fighting off an illness, which I suppose is stressful for the body. For many years, as soon as I feel the tingling of a new one beginning, I put Denavir on and it can stop it cold. It is truly an effective drug. Over-the-counter treatments do not work. Denavir does. I ask my doctor for occasional prescriptions just so I always have it in the house, even though I don’t get them nearly as often anymore.”

KennethG January 21, 2018

For Cold Sores “I developed a very painful cold sore on my lip. Hands down the most painful cold sore I’ve had in my life. I couldn’t open my mouth or talk without it hurting and stinging. I used Orajel and it gave me no relief. I went to my doctor 2 days ago and was prescribed Denavir and my cold sore is healed. I feel so much better. Would highly recommend this!”

Nicole_0324_xoxo December 16, 2017

For Cold Sores “Mylan now owns Denavir and they have jacked up the price to US$1000 a tube. Not worth it. The patent will expire in 2020. I have stop using it even though my insurance covers this for an $30 co-pay.I have tried taking L-lysine and vitamin C during an outbreak. They worked almost as well,In the US,the over-counter Abreva works as well for me. It cost at most $15 a tube.If you are outside of the US, you can easily get generic Acyclovir 5% for less than $10 a tube.Try to reduce stress in your life, exercise and eat well. You will probably get less occurences.”

Jackson III October 13, 2017

For Cold Sores “Denavir, for me, does not work. It does not stop the cold sore formation and does not heal it quickly. It has taken nearly 2 weeks for my cold sore to heal.”

Carol2236765 October 8, 2017

For Cold Sores “Finally a medication that truly delivers on its claim! Clears up cold sores within a day or two if caught early, otherwise, still provides relief and shortens duration. This stuff works!!!”

Suz414 (taken for less than 1 month) August 16, 2017

For Cold Sores “I’ve had cold sores for as long as I can remember. I always get them when I’m really stressed out. I’ve had up to 5 at one time. At that point, I finally went to my doctor who prescribed me Valtrex, which doesn’t do much for me. I went to a dermatologist for an unrelated issue and he asked what I was taking for cold sores (I had one on my lip). He prescribed me Denavir and it works wonders. Cuts out the pain and itching and reduces healing time drastically! Luckily, I have tricare, so I have no co-pays for prescriptions. I didn’t know it costs so much until I read other reviews! So thankful for my hubby being in the military!”

Payday27 May 29, 2017

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