DEPO-PROVERA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I was on this shot for about two years. The shot does it job! However, it caused an irregular period. Some months I’d get a period others I wouldn’t. After I got off the shot I had a month long period. (Went to doc. of course) it took about a year and half to get a normal flow again. I feel like the after maths isn’t worth it. Just try something else. !”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 2 years) March 12, 2018

For Birth Control “I had my first shot of this in October, great no issues at all apart from a prolonged period for 10 days, had my second shot in January and began my period on 21st of February and ended up at the doctors due to the heavy abnormal bleeding, he prescribed tranxemic acid which did nothing then menefamic acid which has helped a little, its been 18 days and today I am spotting tiny amounts of brown discharge so it looks like my period is now stopping. This is really effective for pregnancy but if you want to keep your cycle regular then I would consider another method, however this is just my personal opinion. Hope this helps some people.”

Hayleighx (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 11, 2018

For Birth Control “I had my first shot of this in October. Everything was fine took a period from the 24th of November until the 10th of December. No period in January and now here I am been on my period for 17 days nearly 3 weeks. Visited the doctor to be given tranxemic acid which btw is not a help at all. Also had my bloods took and they have came back clear so nothing wrong. I stopped bleeding yesterday completely just a horrible browny discharge and then nothing completely until today. Here I am spotting, I am now on mefenamic acid and have been since Tuesday. I will never ever be having this shot again as my menstrual cycle was regular before I started taking this jab. You can imagine how awful this is as ai have been with my partner for nearly 3 years and yes he has been understanding but now this messy cycle is dementing me and I do not know what more to do as the doctor will probably not help as thats tranxemic acid I have taken and then mefenamic acid. Avoid this.”

H97x March 10, 2018

For Birth Control “I’ve been on Depo since 2013 and I love it. A little weight gain, moodiness, weird irregular spotting are a bummer but I’m sure that’s all birth control in general. I did get pregnant last year after not having the shot for about six months and experienced a miscarriage sadly, not blaming the Depo because there is no way of actually knowing. I’m going to be switching birth control this month due to the fact that long term use of Depo can cause osteoporosis, I would keep taking it if that weren’t a factor. Very effective way to take your ovaries I would recommend.”

Kdkshdjskxnsis (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 8, 2018

For Birth Control “I had the Depo shot in 2010 once and it made me gain 2 pants sizes and I was very depressed. Since then my cycle has been very messed up.. I just got back regular last year and I am now expecting!!!”

Coco91 (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 3, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding “I might be early in my in shot. But I just had my second shot in December & due for getting my third in March, which I am still torn if I want to. But since I have started at the beginning it was good. I did not have a period, I felt fine. My doctor told me on average most people gained “5 pounds”. I got my second shot in December, I started spotting like crazy. Still am. But now it’s off & on. I have gained a lot of weight since my second shot. It’s crazy. I’m not sure if my body is rejecting birth control or it’s this shot honestly. But I cramp really bad & I get that breakthrough bleeding. I am not sure if I should get the 3rd shot. I have also been breaking out. Not just on my face either. I’m not sure if I would recommend this. I am so torn if I should do the 3rd shot in 2 weeks….”

TH (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 23, 2018

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