FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: DEPO-TESTOSTERONE

User Comments:

For Hypogonadism, Male “Need the right DR.”

Mike T in Maine (taken for 1 to 2 years) November 15, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male “Had low testosterone. I was in a car accident and had a head injury. This caused my pituitary gland to stop working and shrank from the pressure in my brain. I didn’t want a patch. I inject every 2 weeks and it works great. It’s much cheaper, nobody has to know unless you tell them and it takes 5 minutes every 2 weeks. What could be easier.”

Low Test September 15, 2016

For Hypogonadism, Male “You need to check your hormones with blood work to make sure they are all level. After using depo tesoesterone for a while.you will start feeling side effects you never got before. Also you might have to donate your blood testosterone will give you a high red blood cell count which it’s not good. When you notice your test shots are not giving you the most like it used to you have high estrogen levels and prolactin levels too. you will need to take arimidex to bring it down. You will know when it’s time the side effects are terrible. vitamin D is recommended while taking depo testerone it’s a must.”

Mike Asti (taken for 10 years or more) September 23, 2015

For Hypogonadism, Male “I had suffered from anxiety and depression (suicidal grade) since I was a boy. I first began taking anti-depressants at age 12. My doctor had a chart in her office about low T, it listed 10 symptoms. I had all 10. I asked her to prescribe it. So, she did all of the required tests. I was within the average range. 7 years later same results, I am now 48. Finally in January of 2014, I said that I would chance any side effect. My tests had come back normal yet again. But, she did prescribe it. I woke up on day 14 with NO depression or anxiety. What can I say, 48 years of existing and my brain chemistry is now great. My energy level is incredible and depression simply doesn’t happen. It is quite a miracle. Get it!”

Would highly recommend (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 12, 2014

For Hypogonadism, Male “I am a 43 year old that works out 5 times a week for 1-1.5 hours each time. Woke up one morning about 3 months ago and felt like somebody turned off a switch in my body, no real desire for sex but after a lot of foreplay able to somewhat achieve an erection but not really hard. Went to Dr and testosterone of 188. Started on Depo Testosterone by IM injection in gluteus and 4 hours after first dose was able to achieve an erection that I would describe at times as almost a little painful due to how hard I was and able to perform 4 times that day with wife. Not sure of effects at gym yet due to only being the 3rd day since beginning shot- 200mg every other week. Didn’t have any of the other issues ie depression, anxiety, lethargy prior.”

Hedmed February 17, 2014

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