DESOXYN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For ADHD “Adderall was originally called “Obetrol” before Shire reincarnated it years later. Obetrol was a mix of dextro/levo amphetamine/methamphetamine. The best tool you could have in your tool box to treat ADD would be 10mg of Adderall combined with 20mg of Desoxyn BID or TID. Please speak with your physician.”

oldkaw (taken for 5 to 10 years) January 15, 2018

For ADHD “I have tried Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, and other formulations… all of which had issues.Adderall was the worst, or most notable at least, due to the extreme anger, frustration, tendency towards violence, physical tension, and horrible comedowns. I cannot tolerate more than 20-30mg of this medication, period.Ritalin on the other hand, was very good for some tasks like school work, and math problems. However, it dulled my emotions and made me feel less… “like me”? Desoxyn feels smooth, positive, and had the least negative physical side-effects. The focus was not as intense as other Amphetamines, but I felt that it allowed me to have more control over my emotions than any other ADHD medication… while feeling sober.”

MPGOH (taken for 6 months to 1 year) December 12, 2017

For ADHD “How is this not more widely prescribed? My doc had me on Strattera at first, didn’t help at all. Next I switched to Concerta, which worked, but increased my anxiety, and I had a crash. Next I switched to Adderall, which had almost the same effect as Concerta but on top of that I had no appetite.Finally I switched to Desoxyn and that’s when my life started to turn around. My grades instantly went up and homework became fun for me. Math problems became like a puzzle, and history became fun, like watching a real-life movie. Right when I made the switch to Desoxyn, I got caught up on ALL my homework and my grades instantly switched from D’s and F’s to B’s and A’s. Not only that, but my social anxiety was completely GONE.”

Anonymous (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 7, 2017

For ADHD “I have been on this drug for 12 years and it greatly improved the quality of my life in a lot of ways . the problem I am having now is that I still have some organization skills not because of the medication. I was getting my mental health needs thru park nicollet health care . now i can not find mental health care that are willing to prescribe this medication that helped me immensely.the problem with the drug is its unpopularity of the drug from providers because of the abuse of street methamphetamine. those providers do not have the knowledge of the things that they are supposed to when it comes to aadd”

Anonymous (taken for 10 years or more) November 17, 2016

For ADHD “I’ve used all the first line ADHD meds beg. in 2003 and only 1 was effective but of course my tolerance is depleted it’s not so effective now: Adderall generic 30XRAM,0 regular PM. Yet,without it I’m like a hyperactive confused kid again. I don’t want a higher dosage.I want a change- I asked my older,psychiatrist (been with him since late1980’s ) about Desoxyn which he said “I’ve never heard of it”. He’s 100% Psychopharm. treats kids thru seniors; MA trained MD, Harvard+ BU Med School,is it possible that MA laws never permitted this medication tb used 4 ADHD ? Should I ask again or won’t find it in MA pharmacies? Don’t want to sound like a druggie either but it’s frustrating to be stymied. At my age,62.5, I’d like some relief again”

Bostonholly November 5, 2016

For ADHD “This drug has the highest rating because it works the best. It is a shame that the insurance companies have such a hard time giving people the drugs that work. I have such issues with the other drugs that treat my ADHD that I have stopped taking any because the insurance company wont pay for desoxyn. Shame on them!”

fullthrottlediv (taken for 2 to 5 years) January 14, 2016

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