DOSTINEX: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Hyperprolactinemia “Pituitary tumor diagnosed at 19 yrs .Used bromacriptine for many years worst side effects ever. 33 years later happy on dostiex thanks.”

Bb (taken for 10 years or more) February 24, 2018

For Hyperprolactinemia “Three months ago have used dostinex for 4 weeks, two times a week half pill, so one pill a week! Before I have started to use dostinex my prolactine level was 589! After I used it for 4 weeks, prolactine level dropped down to 36. I was stupid I guess and I stopped using it. Now I am back on dostinex again because prolactine level went up to 600. Please if you are using dostinex regularly check with your doctor.That is my strong advice, don’t be stupid like I was. Dostinex helped me with my prolactine. Thank you all”

Najko July 28, 2017

For Hyperprolactinemia “I used dostinex 2 years ago for a few months. I had nausea and vomiting the first few days, but I continued taking it for a year and the side affects went away. My prolactin went from just over 200 down to 94. It also helped me to lose weight. I had to stop taking it because it was too expensive. I started taking it again 2 weeks ago and the only side affect I have is mild headaches.”

lexerose31 June 1, 2017

For Hyperprolactinemia “I was told this drug would fix my symptoms in 12 months but I had to take it for almost 10 years and my hormone levels fluctuated greatly over that time.”

Joyjen February 15, 2017

For Hyperprolactinemia “Before I was using parlodel which is the same medicine for reducing prolactin. My prolactin is 49 and facing irregular periods. Previously I faced horrible side effects but with dostinex I am very happy no side effects just feel sleepy some time.”

Adimaan November 8, 2016

For Hyperprolactinemia “Avoid this drug at all costs! I took it to bring down my prolactin levels which it did but I had some extreme side effects. Severe depression, fatigue, lack of motivation just to name a few.”

Ange A May 9, 2016

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