EDECRIN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Edema “I took this in 1961 as a test subject. There was an article in Time magazine and they used the phrase: wringing out the wet. Along with the decrease in what was then called idiopathic edema, I have a big decrease in bp, winding up with readings of 90/60, way too low for me. I would get this “strange” feeling, have just enough time to go uh, oh, and then have to lay down, I felt as tho I would fall if I moved. It had all the classic symptoms of a diabetic low, the dizziness, heavy sweating, overall malaise, physical weakness. However, I was not a diabetic then, was slim with no sighs of pre diabetes. I stopped using it. Later I was told it was only used in the hospital for extreme cases of fluid retention. Now I see it on this list.”

iamhelen August 24, 2015

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