ENTACAPONE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Comtan (entacapone) for Parkinson’s Disease: “Didn’t improve any symptoms.Side Effects:1. It was messing up my stomach and starting to cause problems with my acid reflux2. I had several episodes of feeling really anxious and my heart would race – on the verge of panic attack, maybe?3. Very slight fear of the dark”

mjbaz2002 (taken for less than 1 month) June 17, 2017

Comtan (entacapone) for Parkinson’s Disease: “I just started taking this drug about 3 weeks ago. The first week was a little rough and it leaves a funny taste in my mouth. However, now that I am getting used to it, I find it helpful. I can take less Carbidopa/Levodopa and has much smoother transition between end/begin of medication times. ONE THING I HAVE FOUND is the importance of staying hydrated. Dehydration is a side effect and it shows. If I don’t watch it, I start feeling bad & symptoms flare up. After I drink a large glass of water, I start feeling better.”

Stay hydrated… (taken for less than 1 month) April 11, 2017

Comtan (entacapone) for Parkinson’s Disease: “I take Sinemet 25/100 4 x daily 1 1/2 tabs with 100 mg Comtan 4 x daily with my Sinemet and it seems to work well for lessening my “wear off” periods but it does cost a lot.”

Bmp April 11, 2012

For Parkinson’s Disease: “Pros: Greatly reduces tremors and lasts up to the next scheduled dose, which is the point of taking the medicine. However…..Cons: Immediately after taking the drug, there is temporary nausea, drowsiness, sleepiness & disorientation, dizziness. It makes me sleep more than desired. I can no longer drive, cook, or do much of anything because of the dizziness. I prefer tremor relief, so the medicine wins. We don’t have much choice with this disease.It’s very expensive, but what is your quality of life (what little there is) worth to you? If I have to exist, I would rather sleep than suffer tremors most of my waking hours.”

Ho-Hum February 16, 2012

Comtan (entacapone) for Parkinson’s Disease: “Terrible hallucinations!”

Anonymous June 8, 2010

Comtan (entacapone) for Parkinson’s Disease: “The medication is very good. Unfortunately it is expensive”

Shirley E. April 28, 2008

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