EPINEPHRINE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

EpiPen (epinephrine) for Anaphylaxis: “This medication was literally a life saver for me. I have had severe allergies to peanuts since I was a child. I mean, where I couldn’t even touch peanut m&ms because they had peanuts inside the chocolate shells or sit in a seat at one of those places where you throw peanut shells on the floor or whatever as you eat them. I have had to use my epipen in that situation once (because I didn’t want to seem different and I didn’t think that just sitting in a seat, which I assumed had been wiped off) would affect me. I have also had to use it visiting my parents when my grandfather was alive because he loved peanuts and I’d sit where he’s sat and had to use it again. I always carry two on me at all times.”

Gastroparesis Girl (taken for 5 to 10 years) October 29, 2017

EpiPen (epinephrine) for Allergic Reactions: “Being allergic to bee stings, EpiPens have saved my life on two different occasions. Without it, I could easily have died from anaphylactic shock.”

cosmeaux October 27, 2014

Primatene Mist (epinephrine) for Asthma, acute: “My experience now is that I’m in the ER every other day because I cannot get Primatene Mist any longer. I’ve been using this product for over 25 years without one single bad side effect and now 10 times a day I have a breathing attack that lasts over 30 mins or more because I don’t have my Primatene and prescribed medicines DO NOT WORK.”

Anonymous (taken for 10 years or more) June 26, 2012

Primatene Mist (epinephrine) for COPD, Acute: “My son was born with asthma as was I. When he was 9 years old he had a major asthma attack that sent him into cardiac arrest. ONE puff on a Primatene Mist inhaler saved his life. ALL the prescribed medicines he was taking DID NOTHING FOR HIM. I have been wheezing for 2 months now AND was hospitalized last month for the first time in over 30 years due to my asthma because I couldn’t get the Primatene Mist inhaler. “

Anonymous March 22, 2012

Primatene Mist (epinephrine) for Asthma, acute: “I was born with Asthma had been in and out of hospitals since birth. When I was old enough to use my own judgement on inhalers I decided to try Primatene Mist. I have used it for over 20 years. I only need to use it…maybe…2 times a month…if that. NOTHING the doctors gave me ever worked. Primatene Mist keeps me OUT of the hospital and home with my family. “

Anonymous March 22, 2012

Primatene Mist (epinephrine) for COPD, Acute: “I have COPD. I can’t use a nebulizer with albuterol because I get severe headaches from it. I have tried five different prescribed inhalers but none worked as well as Primatene. I have used Spiriva and Advair and neither work half as well as Primatene. I sure hope they come out with a new Primatene.”

dennis12a February 10, 2012

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