EPITOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Epilepsy “A pharmacy replace Carbamzapine with Epitol it did NOT control my seizures, I was fearful of going out for my seizures were not controlled.I got my Carbamzapine and back on it my seizures are controlled totally.It is an ineffective drug.”

midroad September 23, 2015

For Epilepsy “I have only taken Epitol for 3 days and thus far my experience hasn’t been totally negative. Yes there have been side effects, including, dizziness, confusion…etc. However I am told these things will subside over time. What I do know is I am no longer afraid to live, to leave my house in fear of having a seizure that leads to a deadly outcome. I am willing to fight, I won’t stop living and I think Epitol can help me greatly in that way.”

Ms. C.Hill (taken for less than 1 month) July 23, 2015

For Bipolar Disorder “As far as the depression goes, it works. But at the same time, I’m so sleepy all the time. I go from them making me sleepy to knocking me out. They have affected my mind, from making my memory worse to making me feel out of it.”

aggravated (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 26, 2015

For Trigeminal Neuralgia “I’ve had Trigeminal Neuralgia for over 16 years and the only relief I’ve ever had was Carbamezapine. Until recently Walmart was trying to save me money giving me the equivalent, Epitol, which I was told I’d of the dance formulary. This can’t be correct, because I can barely function due to being extremely sleepy with this drug. I had taken Carbamezapine for so long and it worked 11 on a scale of 1-10. Changing my medicine without my consent was not a cool thing to do and I earn others to make sure that they look into these things before taking different medicines. I’m not pleased with Epitol at all.”

Latny March 20, 2015

For Bipolar Disorder “Before this, I’d been ineffectively diagnosed and treated for ADHD and recurrent depression. I’ve taken this medication for only four days following a bipolar II re-diagnosis, but despite this, I feel much better than I had on Prozac. My combination of irritability, depression, lack of motivation, and suicidal/homicidal ideation (in the form of intrusive mental images) has vanished, and I find it much easier to talk to people and look them in the eye again. I’m taking 200mg tablets twice a day and initially noticed mild dizziness, headache, and sleepiness, but these quickly vanished. The only persistent symptoms have been hardly perceptible ringing in the ears and lowering in the pitch at which I hear sounds, esp. familiar songs.”

k4ffeinator November 23, 2014

For Bipolar Disorder “I have only been on Epitol for a few days but so far so good. Starting on 300mg twice a day. I have clear thoughts, no wants to destroy people who do simple stupid things, no impulsive decisions, nerve pain is controlled and overall I just feel good. I’m also on Celexa, hoping this combination will do me justice.”

Airborne82nd November 9, 2014

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