ESTAZOLAM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Insomnia: “I have been taking estazolam over 30 years without bad side effects. I fall asleep quickly and wake up rested. I have taken other meds for insomnia because of all the severe warnings but none have worked for me. Medicare will not pay for this medication because they say it’s not for insomnia!!!”

I am a 72 year old female (taken for 10 years or more) October 27, 2017

For Insomnia: “Taking estazolam for 20 years. Amazing drug. Go to sleep quickly and wake up when needed. No side affects.”

71 year old male (taken for 10 years or more) February 17, 2017

For Insomnia: “Have chronic insomnia for six years. Estazolam helps me fall asleep, .5-1.0 mg. Four hours later it’s toss and turn. Lots of dreams. Next day it’s double vision. Even on .5mg. looking for alternatives.”

Frenchi1234 June 7, 2016

Prosom (estazolam) for Insomnia: “I absolutely LOVE Prosom. I have experienced chronic Insomina my entire life, but when I go through an extreme “bout” I Prosom and it ALWAYS works and I never feel drowsy, have difficulty waking or any negative side effects. I think it’s the best sleeping pill of them all. I can only get the generic now and fear it will stop being manufactured! No other sleeping pill has ever been this effective! I highly recommend it!”

rmg2108 (taken for 10 years or more) November 19, 2015

For Insomnia: “Best of the best.”

Anonymous December 13, 2014

For Insomnia: “Fantastic! Takes all anxiety away and give your muscles relaxation as well. Best pill I’ve tried. And I’ve tried some thousands.”

Speedsnigel July 6, 2014

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