EXPAREL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pain “I had a hip labral tear repaired and resurfacing of my femur. I waited for the pain to show up after surgery and it never did. I did not have to take a single pain pill which was especially helpful since I have mast cell disease and narcotics can cause serious allergic reactions. This medication is amazing.”

GM Estes (taken for less than 1 month) February 22, 2018

For Pain “I had 2 surgeries down in my lady parts. A lot of stiches. I woke up in recovery and surprisingly NO PAIN!! I felt pressure and a sort of discomfort.I could handle it. Wear the armband (in case you have to go to the ER, it alerts the staff you have had this medicine), for 96 hours. Why aren’t ALL doctors using this??? A long acting Numbing injectable in the site where you had surgery. This is a absolute Miracle Medicine. I have had NO side effects. Ask your doctor about this if you have to have surgery.”

Anna B February 21, 2018

For Pain “I had a Hemmroidectomy. When I came to, no pain relief whatsoever. My Doctor said a certain percentage of people get no relief. It would be nice if there was a test to see if it is effective, instead of waking up to no pain relief at all.”

pairsh1 (taken for less than 1 month) February 11, 2018

For Pain “I had a tummy tuck and heard about this drug to help with recovery. It certainly made the first 72 much more bearable. I paid an additional fee of about $300 for Exparel. It was a very good decision. I had no side effects. I prepared to be in agony and wasn’t at all. Those 3 days post op can be the worst days. Exparel is a miracle.”

MissVicki (taken for less than 1 month) July 26, 2016

For Pain “I had a rhinoplasty with turbinate reduction this past Friday and my doctor used Exparel on me. When I woke up I had no pain or discomfort and it wasn’t until Monday (just about 72 hours after surgery) that I started to feel a headache and some pressure. I honestly couldn’t believe the results. To not have any pain after a rhinoplasty was so surprising to me, and now I am just dealing with swelling/bruising that is regular. I did supplement Exparel with Percocet, so I’m sure the two together were helpful, but I wouldn’t go through any other procedure like this without it.”

Alyssa R (taken for less than 1 month) February 17, 2015

For Pain “I was injected with this at the close of my foot surgery (5th metatarsal oblique fracture). I experienced NO pain at all during my recovery. I wore an armband for 96 hours to alert others, in case of emergency, not to re-administer this medicine. This injection enabled me to rest comfortably, and prevented me from needing to take narcotics for pain relief. Friends who had previous bunion/foot surgeries had warned me of how painful it would be. I expressed this to my doctor and he said the Experal would provide relief for as short as 24 hours to 72 hours. I NEVER had pain so can’t say how long the shot lasted. My foot and leg were completely wrapped with an icing system integrated so I really couldn’t tell how long my foot was actually numb.”

KarenEdge September 29, 2013

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