FALLBACK SOLO: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Emergency Contraception “The last day of ovulation I had unprotected sex with a young man that has 3 kids. He told me he came inside of me and for me to take a plan b he gave me the money for it 50.00 a hour after having sex I ran to the nearest rite aid to pick it up. They were all out so they gave me a generic brand FALLBACK solo it was one pill we were a little worried since it was off brand but it cost 46.99 so a little cheaper not much but I took it immediately and I was moody naseous and had a head ache but I’m not pregnant! Yes it worked got my period right on time heavy bleeding but no baby I’m so pleased. No prescription needed btw”

cindy666667 November 26, 2015

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