FAMVIR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Herpes Zoster “I had a breakout of shingles on my abdomen. Took this medicine and the pain and itching went away within a couple of days. I would recommend this to anyone that has Shingles.”

R0n January 21, 2017

For Cold Sores “I’ve gotten cold sores since I was a little kid. I’m now 19 and they’re ruining my life. They caused me so much anxiety until I got prescribed this medication. I usually catch the cold sore when it is red and itchy because they often come when I’m asleep. I take the three tablets (costs me around $10 so very affordable) and during the day the cold sore continues to swell and throb as though the medication hasn’t done anything. By the next day though I wake up to a dry red patch instead of the usual huge blistering process. This medication means the cold sore lasts maybe 3-4 days but is so much more manageable as it never processes through the disgusting stages. I always have a packet on me.”

Sally1674 September 15, 2016

For Cold Sores “Went to dermatologist 3 days after first sign was only using Abreva with no results. He suggested 1500mg Famvir now, and gave me 3 more to take at the first sign of additional outbreak in the future. Within one day the swelling had gone away and the blister was starting to clear up.I have used other treatments but nowhere as fast and effective as this product.”

Happy camper July 16, 2013

For Cold Sores “I’ve started medication June 24, 2011 of two 500mg tabs a day and I still have had 6 outbreaks in less than four months. Yes, healing time is faster but I would like to have less outbreaks like 1 to none a year.”

miserable131313 October 6, 2011

For Cold Sores “Causes major headaches for me.”

Anonymous May 8, 2011

For Cold Sores “Had cold sores since I was in primary school and am now 18. Take a dosage of 1500mg of Famvir in one dose. Works great for me and stops the virus, leaving only a red mark for about 3 days. Side effects: tiredness, nothing serious though.”

will18 August 11, 2010

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