FELDENE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pain “I recently had hip surgery and was in lots of pain after the operation. I tried Ibuprofen and Voltaren with little relief. My doctor called in a script for Feldene 20 mg twice a day for me. It helped so much with the pain bringing it to a manageable level but caused the most severe constipation. So after about 5 days I switched back to Voltaren and the constipation eased up and thankfully the pain was better too.”

LMLL7 (taken for less than 1 month) November 5, 2017

For Pain “I was working in the field making hydraulic hoses making close to $10,000/mo. when I pulled hose off a reel and herniated two disks. I was laid up for 45 days on Workers Comp, barely able to make it to the bathroom and following everything my doctors were telling me to do. I got frustrated because they were putting other people in my area that I developed. I called a doctor who suggested Feldene and said it would take two weeks before it took effect. I was bouncing off the walls in two weeks and returned to work a week later. It allowed me to move and not become stiff. The Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants, did nothing to help me.”

Amskeptical (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 18, 2017

For Rheumatoid Arthritis “I take 20mg Feldene every morning, stiffness is manageable for most of the day. No side effects in two months. Like any other medication there may be risks involved, but for me it has worked very well.”

jeep 1 November 8, 2011

For Temporomandibular Joint Disorder “The Feldene dulled the Temporomandibular Joint Disprder pain some but did not take it away. I often had breakthrough pain when on the Feldene.”

Anonymous June 13, 2011

For Osteoarthritis “Effective osteoarthritis pain management. However, I’m retaining water. “

Anonymous May 22, 2010

For Pain “I have been taking this medication for pain in my foot. My Dr. gave it to me for planters faciitis. I was in such pain that I could barely walk when getting out of bed or standing after sitting for a while. One pill lasts for 24 hours, and works great. I haven’t been taking it long, so don’t know yet if I will get any side effects, but works good for pain, and I can still function normally.”

Anonymous January 28, 2010

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