FOCALIN XR: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For ADHD “I was placed on this medication after taking a 5 question survey on a piece of paper. That DOES NOT determine whether or not you have ADHD. I was on this medication and lost 40 lbs. I also lost several jobs, became very emotionally erratic, and nearly died after arriving to a hospital with a 260 BPM heartbeat. After finding out that I have Mitral Valve Prolapse with regurgitation, I obviously was weened off this medication. I ended up following up with a neurosurgeon completing a CAT scan from a previous Traumatic Brain Injury as a teen and then also completed neuro-psychological testing which proved that I, in fact, do NOT have ADHD even though I was diagnosed with it twice in my life. “

Nunya beeswax January 29, 2018

For ADHD “Ok I have been reading up on the side affects and reviews of this medication my 6 year old had tried 2 or 3 other ADHD medications from a clinic he stayed in for about a month he is on XR 20mg and it to me has honestly done wonders my son is able to focus, learn, sit still and get his school work done. He is so much happier that he is learning and can focus on one subject at a time rather than racing through his brain. I like it and only concerns is he can hold better conversations but his answers to question are very short “How was your day?” “Good…”.You have to ask him more questions to get more answers. Then you have to repeat or either give him one instruction at a time for him to complete. I’m concerned about the long term side affects”

MomOf3_V September 24, 2017

For ADHD “I have tried every ADHD drug medication available, both brand and generic (Ritalin XR, Ritalin IR, Adderall XR and IR, generic mixed amphetamine salts, Daytrana, Vyvanse, Strattera, some I can’t even remember, if it exists, I’ve almost certainly tried it. ) Focalin XR is the only one that works. Naturally, that also means that insurance companies don’t want to cover it. If you’re trying to get it covered and they’re dragging their feet, don’t give up! You have to jump through a lot of hoops and you have to fight every step of the way. Get your doctor to help you and talk to them. Do NOT give up. Insurance companies love to make it as difficult as possible for people to get effective meds. Don’t let them do it.”

TheRealAnise (taken for 10 years or more) April 28, 2017

For ADHD “Works Well”

AmandaLAllen17 February 23, 2017

For ADHD “Hi! I am 18 years old . I was diagnosed with ADHD just a couple months after starting kindergarten. I was having trouble paying attention, got in trouble everyday; seeing the principal was 2-3 times every 2 weeks was normal. I started taking focalin at 5. My grades improved, my conduct improved, and I could focus. I took it every weekday I was in school. It killed my appetite, I became dehydrated a lot and I didn’t get all the nutrients I needed to Grow properly ( 16, 124lbs). I stopped taking in 7th grade at my discretion and my grades dropped instantly, my conduct went back. 11th- I started back and instantly my grades improved. Only drawback is I have to force myself to eat.”

Anonymous112 December 10, 2016

For ADHD “My son takes Focalin XR for his adhd. I like the medicine but my only complaint is a side effect that is not listed anywhere when I research Focalin. The side effect my son experiences is digging in the ear or the sensation of something in his ear that he needs to get out. The higher the dosage the worse the digging is. I have talked to the doctors, had his ears checked and put on allergey medicines, he still digs in his ears. He does really well with the medicine in school and activities out side of school. I have not seen any other side effect for this medication.”

Neary December 8, 2016

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