FUROSEMIDE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Lasix (furosemide) for Edema: “I developed idiopathic (so far my docs are clueless) systemic inflammation over the course of 2 wks or so. Plus hypertensive crisis (202/110), never had BP problems before. I’m 5’5 and 120 lbs, but I looked like the Michelin Man after eating the Pillsbury Doughboy. Doc prescribed Lasix, wonderdrug! Peed like a horse for 2 days, almost back to normal. Unfortunately, however, the inflammation seems to have damaged my epidermis. My skin from knees on up to my chest looks like I vomited cottage cheese over it. :(“

Noelle (taken for less than 1 month) February 25, 2018

For Heart Failure: “I was in the ER for hypertension, and water in my lungs, 6 months ago they prescribed me Lasix, for my kidney, immediately after that, I had severe edema that lasted 2 months and ended up in the ER again with excruciating pain, there was nothing they can do. My Nephrologist took me off , but this time In the ER they gave me Lasix again through the IV, and sent me home with pills, the very next day , both my legs swelled up and again in excrucitiang pain, I don’t think this medicine is helping me with swelling , it is making it worse.. It is going quite the opposite of whats supposed to do.”

Ann (taken for less than 1 month) February 23, 2018

For Edema: “I was fine on furosemide for a year before it stopped working well. They upped the dose. Worked a little, then stopped again. They put me on a rescue diuretic. Metolazone spiked my creatinine, so they took that away but never changed my Lasix. Finally I was left with the choice of an ER visit or a sauna at my gym. That started a months-long period where I was taking 4 to 8 pounds of water off in the sauna every day to deal with my crappy response to Lasix. And that was sending my blood pressure down into 70’s/40’s. My cardiologist then referred me to a transplant team, who switched me to bumetanide on the first visit and told me to quit the sauna. Thanks to having a diuretic that actually works though, I don’t need the sauna. Lasix is well known for becoming ineffective, and cardiologists are well known to let you suffer for MONTHS and even visits to the ER without changing it out for something that works. Don’t let them do this to you. DEMAND a switch and don’t give them an option.”

ithinktoomuch (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 1, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “I didn’t do much of anything”

me55 December 6, 2017

Lasix (furosemide) for Edema: “Much foot and leg swelling. Just finished 9 days hospitalization for pneumonia. Took steroid for several days after discharge. As I quit steroid swelling started so I ended up starting lasix. Urination every 2 hours. I have high blood pressure. Atrial fibrulation. Tremendous sweating. Edema is slowly going down.”

trasmus3 October 2, 2017

For Edema: “I’ve been diagnosed with pulmonary edema, and that not only effects my lungs, but I get severe swelling of my feet and legs. The doc prescribed 20mg once per day. I can’t take it that often. It works (within 45 minutes I’m running to the bathroom every 20 minutes for about 5 hours), the swelling goes down and I can breath easier, but it gives me horrendous leg cramps, even up into my thighs. I drink water, and gatorade, as well as eat bananas, but it doesn’t help. I call it the “evil pill”. But, if it gets rid of the fluid I guess I’ll keep taking it, even if it’s not as often as I should.”

Joode (taken for 6 months to 1 year) September 17, 2017

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