GLIMEPIRIDE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Diabetes, Type 2: “Medication makes my sugar go low below 70 I take it in the mid afternoon because I don’t want it to do it at night. My sugar is spiking and dipping all day long. I feel like a zombie and then the next day I feel like I have a hangover! I’ve be been on it for 6 months and I can’t do it anymore. I want my life back!”

MaryAT February 6, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 2: “After a rare side effect from Metformin, my doc put me on this. It’s worked really well at getting my numbers down. I will get tummy aches if I try to take it with too little food. It can also make me munchy or my blood sugar dip an hour or two after taking. But as long as I have something on hand for it, it’s not major for me. I agree with comment that a mid-morning snack is probably a good idea with this. Also, I noticed that when I eat things that are sugary, my body is better at saying “enough” and an aversion to things too sweet. That’s a good addition. Overall, I can’t complain. Seems to do the job with minimal interference in my life.”

Sha00 (taken for 1 to 2 years) December 9, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 2: “Dr. just stopped this med.”

j.allen loud. August 23, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 2: “After two weeks on this medication I got severe stomach pains and feelings of fullness. The pains went away about three days after stopping this medication but three months later still have the fullness. Now I have to have a camera put into my stomach to see what’s going on.”

kennedy12 (taken for less than 1 month) February 17, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 2: “I have stomach pain – does it go away? So far it’s been helping me. I’ve been on for 2 weeks but I can’t take the pain.”

Ladyj I (taken for less than 1 month) February 6, 2017

For Diabetes, Type 2: “I have been on several non insulin drugs and nothing lowered my blood sugar untiI started glimipiride. At first I took one pill in the morning and one at dinner. I was still eating a large dinner and eating junk food. My sugar levels would go down but were,all over the place. When my A1C increased significantly in three months I knew I had to make a change. I now take Double the dose of glimipiride in the evening. However when I got serious about my diabetes, I changed the way I eat. Smaller meals more often is best on this medication in order to not have dips and spikes. A good breakfast and a mid morning snack works well. A moderate lunch with an afternoon snack makes good sense. A low carb-high lean protein dinner. The med works well”

Kandaygurl November 26, 2016

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