IMPLANON, NEXPLANON: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I got the implant in May 2017 and I bled for 3 months so the doctors gave me the combined pill to take everyday for 3 months. I then had 2 months break and bled again for the full 2 months and then they gave me more. And now I’ve suddenly started getting blood randomly and when I have sex.”

Nic467368 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 16, 2018

For Birth Control “I had the impalanon for 12 months during that time I had on average 17 day long periods with maybe 3 days break before they started again. I experienced seveer cramps, migraines, diarrhea complete loss of sex drive and gained over 20kg. I was also diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. Since having it removed 2 weeks ago I have lost 5kg I feel fantastic and am going to see my doctor about coming off my antidepressants. My relationship has improved because I’m not having ridiculous mood swings and my sex drive is coming back. My doctor kept assuring me that my Implanon was not causing any of my issues, apparently he was wrong. I’m so glad I stood my ground and removed it against his recommendation. It was the worst decision of my life having it and I’m so grateful to have it out.”

Beccells (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 16, 2018

For Birth Control “I have been on implanon for about 4 years now. The first 3 years were awesome I never had a period. Year 4 now I am starting to have a period once a month. It’s not heavy but it’s not consistent yet either sometimes it’s the first week of the month sometimes it’s the second. Over the 4 years I’ve noticed a lot of weight gain. I don’t eat very healthy or workout consistently but I didn’t before I started using the implant either. Overall I’ve had no pregnancies and only 3 periods in 4 years so if you ask me a little weight gain and mood swings is way better than having an unplanned child. Would recommend for young less responsible adults who can’t remember taking the pill every day like me lol Lastly my insurance covered the implant so not having to go to the pharmacy every month to pick and pay for the pill has been so convenient!”

Sarah Rice (taken for 2 to 5 years) February 12, 2018

For Birth Control “I was on this BC for about ten months at the age of 24. It caused me horrible acne break outs all over my body which required medical attention. I would also have a 12 day period twice a month (more or less all the time). My sex drive was non-existent and my mood was low and depressed. Since getting off and working with a dermatologist my symptoms have resolved except skin scarring. I had to take a break from BC for six months before moving on to a different method. Worst of all, because it cannot be removed on your own, I felt helpless and trapped in my body. It was difficult to get an appointment with my doc due to scheduling and I ended up with it 6 weeks longer than I would have liked after calling to get it removed. It was a horrible, helpless situation. I actually have friends on it and they aren’t scrambling to get it removed as well. Best of luck but please think this one through”

jbrown91 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 8, 2018

For Birth Control “This birth control IS AWFUL. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression after having started this birth control. It made me periods completely stop which may be fine for some but I made me have side effects of pregnancy. Such has nausea, crying, mood swings. I couldn’t keep up with myself. It definitely did it’s job as birth control. No kids for the 3 years I had it. (Took it out and put a new one in) but the side effects were enough to make me remove it. I will NEVER again use it!”

LizizEm (taken for 2 to 5 years) February 6, 2018

For Birth Control “I have had 3 implanon implants. Both have been 100% effective in preventing pregnancy as I was told it would be if inserted correctly. My menstrual cycle did go through some changes but it was nothing too bad. If anything over time it became more reliable and I could estimate when it would come. Some periods were heavier but none were long lasting. When compared with other forms of contraception I had little to no issues with it. One thing that’s worth keeping in mind is the time it can take your hormones to return to normal afterwards, it can take up to 18months so if you plan on becoming pregnant, plan accordingly. For those who really can’t afford to have more children or don’t want any yet this is a good option to discuss with your doctor. Like everything there is some side effects you just have to gauge if it’s worth the risk for the benefits. With government assistance it cost $6 for 3 Years so price wise it’s unbeatable and beats the alternative if an unwanted pregnancy occurs.”

MissyMe-30s February 5, 2018

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