INNOPRAN XL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Migraine Prevention “The only high blood pressure medicine that really helped, BUT due to the price going off the charts, and no insurance, I’ve had to take a different medicine and suffer with headaches.”

KC18 September 29, 2013

For Migraine Prevention “I have been on this medicine for about six years. My monthly migraines were debilitating, included vomiting for hours on end. I still get minor migraines, but I can still function and after a few hours, I am fine. To me, a wonder drug.”

Happy Camper July 29, 2009

For Migraine Prevention “I’ve been taking Innopran XL for almost 2 years now, and I’ve had one headache in that time frame. Previously used to get 2 a week. It has changed my life.”

clearhead November 15, 2008

For Migraine Prevention “I have been on this medication for the past 2 months and absolutely see a remarkable difference. I’ve gone from a headache a week to one slight one in 2 months.”

Anonymous August 29, 2008

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