JUNEL 1.5/30: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I do not recommend this pill for anyone in June I started the pill I was only on the pill for 1 week and I collapsed out of nowhere so I went to the hospital and found out I had blood clots in my lungs. I have no history in my family of blood clots and I’ve never had blood clots before the hospital even said it was from the birth control now I’m on blood thinners for 6 months. Terrible medicine”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) September 14, 2017

For Menstrual Disorders “I started taking Junel 1.5/30 this week because my normal prescription was out of stock. I felt fine at the beginning of the week. However, today after taking the medication with breakfast this morning, I felt sudden dizziness, chest pain, and shortness of breath. The dizziness stopped this morning, but I still have the a little bit of chest pain and shortness of breath. I am going back to the pharmacy, ask them to reorder my other prescription and I am making an appointment with my doctor in the morning. I want to stop taking birth control because of Junel.”

JM33 October 13, 2016

For Birth Control “I rate this bc a 5 because right now I’m not sure what’s going on. I started on Aug 30 first day of my period on a Sunday. In between then and now haven’t noticed too many side effects other than feeling sensitive. There’s only 21 days on the pack my period last about 6 days once I started. Its the end of the pack and I started spotting early this week on A Monday the 15 and still bleeding and it’s Saturday. It’s light but of course it’s not like my normal cycle. There’s a lot of cramping. But I don’t like that I haven’t finished the pack and bleeding already so I’m just really unsure if I want to continue.”

Rara_iv (taken for 6 months to 1 year) September 19, 2015

For Birth Control “This would be my second month on Junel. I’ve been on Birth Control for about 10 years now. I changed due to spotting and increased mood swings with my previous birth control. Since the switch I have had shorter periods about 2-3 days, but I have gained major weight and increased appetite. I switched up my regular exercise routine and still have not managed to drop the extra 7 lbs ;(“

Natg May 27, 2015

For Birth Control “I’ve taken this medication for 8 months and i am satisfied. I mean just about as satisfied as can be with birth control. Personally no matter what birth control I have been on, I have always experienced a lower sex drive but I guess that’s just a sacrifice I’ve learned to live with but other than that my body reacted very well to it. No noticeable weight gain, and no mood swings and it definitely helped with cramps.”

aimeeshanice March 26, 2011

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