KALETRA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For HIV Infection “Since I’ve been changed to Viread/ Epivir/ + Kaletra, my viral load has remained constantly Undetecable for ~4 Yrs; my T-cell count went from 210 to 325 very quickly; in the last year, with no changes to anything my V-load remains undetectable & my T-cell count has soared to 725!!! Sounds fantastic. However, during this same period of rapid TC rise I have slowly become more & more tired, weak, & my bones ache from head to toe. I no longer have the strength to ride my horse or even do the yard work. My Doctor believes I may be suffering from Lactic Acidosis. But he is convinced that it is because of the Viread ~ NOT because of the Kaletra. I will now be replacing Viread with Abacavir & CONTINUE taking Kaletra. Hope it works.”

Anonymous October 4, 2009

For HIV Infection “I have been undetectable for a long time.”

Anonymous November 24, 2008

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