KENALOG-10: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Osteoarthritis “After the shot had pain down the entire leg for a week. No other reaction and NO relief in the hip area. It finally wore off and I’m back to where I started with the discomfort.”

Carson Kid September 11, 2017

For Alopecia “Last July I had a full head of hair. Like I always have . And then one fine day in October my hair started falling out. At first it was just a little . I had developed a spot on the crown of my head that I didn’t even notice . Until someone pointed it out. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I thought early onset of male pattern baldness. That’s what I went on believing until I noticed my hair falling out in handfulls in the shower. I got an appointment with a dermatologist and was told it was alopecia areataHe gave me topical solution that didn’t help hardly any instead I got kenalog injections in my scalpAfter 3 months I had significant regrowth all over my head here I am gaining more hair every day And hair loss has almost stopped”

cet93 (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 30, 2017

For Osteoarthritis “Had injection to right thumb on 3/1/17 for stiffness. As an adverse reaction, I’ve already lost 75% of my hair! If it ever stops falling, it will take years to restore! This medication is poison and should be taken off the market. iContacted Bristol- Meyers Squibb and they have no comment to offer regarding my complaint. I am looking for an attorney!”

L Chiriboga June 1, 2017

For Alopecia “Have been receiving the injections now for three months with great results. My hair was bald in the centers of my head. At this time my hair has grow about 1 inch at the point.”

Jazzyj2005 (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 5, 2017

For Alopecia “I’ve been getting Kenalog shots for my alopecia once a month for five months now….Very little hair regrowth, the hair that has grown back is grey now, and the alopecia continues to spread. I’ve lost 40% of my beard over the past few months and nothing is helping, including Kenalog.”

Trevmcg March 25, 2017

For Alopecia “I received kenalog/lidocaine injections in my c spine (neck) three months on (once a month shot) and six months off. I noticed immediately my hair grew!! I went from this fragile hair to a freakin awesome thick head of hair what seemed to be overnight! First time in my life!! I was thrilled! Literally seemed over night! I swear by the injections for my spine did it!!”

Mygrandson January 15, 2016

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