KINERET: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Schnitzler Syndrome “I’ve been on Kineret (anakinra) for several years for Schnitzler Syndrome. No other medication gave me relief, except high dose steroids, but I was pain and hives free within a couple of days of starting Kineret and back digging in the garden and walking kilometres when I had spent the previous 7 years mainly in bed. It was on the PBS list but now my hospital pays for it on my behalf. No injection site problems or side effects.”

Gabby B April 10, 2013

For Still’s Disease “Yes, it does burn when you start to take it and the spot injected might itch. I did a couple of things before taking the shot. 1. warmed it up for about 30 minutes 2. applied ice to the spot I planned to inject 3. would take a Benadryl to keep the itching down. I’ve been on it several yrs now. It burns or itches…once in a blue moon. It has helped but doesn’t keep the fevers and joint/muscle pain completely away, anymore. Good luck! This medicine is definitely worth a try if you have AOSD.”

Sessa January 31, 2012

For Schnitzler Syndrome “Kineret works great for my Schnitzler’s Syndrome. It can hurt when injected but if I warm it up to room temperature by letting it sit out for a while or hold the syringe in my hand to warm it up, it hurts A LOT less.”

Anonymous September 3, 2011

For Still’s Disease “I’ve only been taking the 100mg shots for 8 days now. It does burn even after it has warmed up. I think this might be because it’s thick and has to be injected slowly. But like they say.. no pain no gain.”

Still fight’n February 11, 2011

For Still’s Disease “The drug works very well. What they don’t tell you, though, is that it burns like a steroid each time, every time. So go into it forewarned as it’s not anywhere in any literature and it’s not something your physician will likely tell you beforehand.”

Anonymous March 5, 2010

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