KLOR-CON: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Prevention of Hypokalemia “The pills too large to swallow and I almost choked twice. So now I bite tablet in half. I’m afraid to swallow and my voice is getting hoarse. I’m thinking of stopping this med. Is there a liquid form available?”

bill blur November 9, 2015

For Prevention of Hypokalemia “Works great, I feel so much better, and no side effects at all!”

T M March 9, 2014

For Prevention of Hypokalemia “Increased urination and loss of bladder control.”

Sparkle plentyhooray henry December 20, 2013

For Prevention of Hypokalemia “Got severe gastrointestinal pain/cramps and diarrhea after 2 doses. “

Anonymous January 21, 2012

“Helps with leg cramps and blood pressure.”

pacheco November 19, 2009

For Hypokalemia “Works fast and well. It will put you back to normal within in 1-2 hours!”

Anonymous October 18, 2009

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