KYPROLIS: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Multiple Myeloma “Diagnosed about a year ago at age 59. Healthy active adult male with no other medical issues. Went to Mayo clinic after local physician diagnosed MM. Mayo Doc did all the testing and found high risk genetics. Multiple sites on PET scan and about 60% plasma cells in bone marrow biopsy. Had a hip replaced due to pre-emergant fracture due to MM bone lesions. Guess I was pretty sick…Doc said best treatment was K-R-D. 120 K 80 Dex on a two-day-per week schedule for 3 weeks each month. Revlamid 25 on 21 day schedule. Zofran for stomach.It was a bit rough initially, but had no nausea or hair loss. Rash a couple times, mostly just felt flu-like for a few days after chemo. One year later now… complete remission. Bone marrow biopsy normal.”

MtDWW9936 December 17, 2017

For Multiple Myeloma “He was on it alone, for 3 cycles, and started on the 4th… kappa light chains went up each month, and doubled to over 11,000 before stopping it.Had been on it with Revlimid, which helped decrease light chains, but couldn’t tolerate, due to blood counts… platelets needed every other days and RBCs needed weekly”

My Brother August 10, 2017

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