LAMISIL AT: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Tinea Corporis “I spent over a hundred pounds on this lamisil I tried cream then spray then lamisil once and it just came back,useless go to your doc get something stronger don’t waste money on this.”

Abzxcv October 22, 2015

For Tinea Cruris “After two weeks using the cream, there was no relief.”

atm555 September 10, 2015

For Tinea Cruris “I have tried Lamisil twice … in spray and cream. Absolutely no relief whatsoever other than a sting when you spray it on. “

Anonymous October 29, 2011

For Tinea Cruris “This is the only medication I’d use or recommend for treatment of Tinea cruris (jock itch). I’ve tried many different medications, and no other works nearly as well.The main benefit is once-a-day application, and a one-week treatment time.I’ve used Lamisil AT in cream, gel, and spray form. I highly recommend the latter. The problem with the gel and cream is that it’s difficult to ensure adequate coverage without going through the product very quickly. You will end up buying at least a second tube before the treatment has concluded.The Lamisil AT spray goes MUCH farther. Just put on a pair of vinyl gloves to help spread it around after spraying. One spray bottle should be all you need. Don’t just spray; spray and spread.”

Anonymous August 26, 2009

For Tinea Cruris “Doesn’t work for me.”

Anonymous May 9, 2009

For Tinea Cruris “Very comfortable and soothing. I would recommend using it at night just to cut down on messiness. It’s not overly greasy and gross like I thought it would be- can barely tell it’s there! Started applying it a few days ago and rash is on its way out!”

Anonymous March 11, 2008

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