LANSOPRAZOLE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Erosive Esophagitis: “Lansoprazole has eliminated pain from gastritis for 6 years. Downsides are that I become anemic due to reduced ability to absorb B vitamins from food. Taking Sublingual B complex vitamins (1 mg X twice daily) has raised my energy level considerably.”

Pablo525 February 19, 2018

For Stomach Ulcer: “Caused E.D.”

UdontNeed2know January 7, 2018

For Aspiration Pneumonia: “has given me diarrhea for the last 5 days but I’ve been taken it longer. The doctor has given a 6 month prescription I am having to take 4 a day and am feeling sick.”

yelllowmouse (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 26, 2017

For Gastritis/Duodenitis: “works great”

zg November 20, 2017

For GERD: “Just want to share my story, for years I was suffering from heart palpitations and didn’t understand why I had this , why do I need to feel my heart is beating. This feeling really bothered me so I checked with my Doctor and I did some heart checks EKG, exercise stress test, Echocardiography.But all the checks and test were Ok. So my doctor told me it could me my stomach that doing all this I didn’t believe him, I though how come this can happen from my stomach , anyway I started to take on a daily basis this drug and after ~3 weeks, I noticed I’m not feeling my heart beating anymore (heart palpitations) , I have to mention that I didn’t have any feeling of heartburn or reflux, this was just silent GERD. Today I’m still taking the drug and can’t miss one.”

Markos17 (taken for 1 to 6 months) October 8, 2017

For GERD: “I have done tons of research… prevacid or dexilant etc are meant to be taken for about 2 months….. many people have been on it for years!acid reflux can be caused by TOO LITTLE ACID, maybe the medication is making it worse, I am now feeling side effects? (nausea and stomach cramping off and on for last year) or perhaps Apple cider vinegar does neutralize the reflux?If I forgot one pill, I would have heartburn by midday. I had the regular ACV, but they said it has to be organic with mother of the apple? A LOT of people can be helped with ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR…after a few days, with no medication, I have NO HEARTBURN. just one tablespoon of ACV with one tsp of honey in warm water, morning and at supper, try it! :-)”

margaritagirl (taken for 2 to 5 years) July 21, 2017

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