LARIN 24 FE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “EXTREME fatigue and weight gain, loss of period, sore breasts, nasuea. I started taking pill and couldn’t get enough sleep after 8- 10 hours of sleep I would need a morning nap for after dropping children at school – sometimes for 2 hours. Legs felt heavy. Gave it a try for 2.5 months and couldn’t stand it any longer. I’ve been off the pil for a week and feel completely normal again- thank goodness. I had an minena IUD with hormones for 5 years and believe that was giving me fatigue as well as it was slightly infected- but at that stage I had a series of life challenges that could have accounted fatigue too. It seems additional hormones do no suit me. Previous Oral birth control gave me severe depression. Still searching.”

47 years old May 23, 2016

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