LEVO-DROMORAN: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pain “I have pain daily and this medication has caused more side affects than help. I now suffer from insomnia, memory loss, (short term) and leg restlessness. Plus it is so very expensive and has to be mailed so I go through withdrawals every month. I hate this medication !!!”

Pspasgirl February 27, 2017

For Pain “A very effective pain medicine that you don’t feel you have to go reaching for it all the time to get relief. I mean you can strictly adhere and take this responsibly per doctors directions. Not many pharmacies carry it, if at all so you will have to order it. That means bringing in your prescription to order it. It may take awhile but it is worth it, for severe pain. Just stick with a good oxycodone for other types of pain. This Levo-Dromoran lasts awhile and too much can cause respiratory depression.”

jimp19 October 26, 2011

For Pain “This is a very old, and very under-rated pain medicine with very few side effects. It has been the wonder drug for me!”

Anonymous May 18, 2010

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