LIDOCAINE VISCOUS: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pain “I was prescribed lidoderm but the pharmacist switched the prescription to lidocaine 5% patch. This was TERRIBLE !!! The patch dried off and fell off in about 2 hours. The adhesive was pathetically weak and didn’t hold the patch in place not even long enough to do any good. I know as a former drug salesman for Upjohn this kind of shoddy imitation would never have been tolerated. Why don’t you try quality and I would assume they are made in some third world country. Terrible is the only term I can use to describe this copy cat medication.”

Anonymous July 29, 2017

For Pain “I have chronic bursitis and these patches are the only thing that helps. They help numb the pain so I can walk. Thank you!! But now my insurance won’t pay for it. What can I do?? It cost hundreds of dollars a box. Please help !!!!”

Beachtoes October 25, 2015

For Pain “Was prescribed to me for a tooth abscess in my lower left molar, severe swelling (left side of mouth, cheek, jaw and my throat) and for pain in my left tonsil…which hurt so much that I couldn’t eat, barely drink, actually I just couldn’t swallow anything PERIOD! By getting this solution…I am now able to swallow a little better and although my molar is still in ALOT of pain…it is now actually stand-able to some degree; which I know it wouldn’t be if I didn’t have this to take. Negatives:1) Tastes really gross but worth it for the relief. 2) Hard to keep it in your mouth, w/o it oozing out (large dose/small mouth, I guess)3) VERY thick! I use a dosing syringe to get all of the med especially to a specific place in my mouth.”

KLThompson June 18, 2015

For Pain “Just diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer) of my lower lip. Waiting to undergo beam radiation therapy. Covers almost half my lip. Using Lidocaine Viscous prescribed by my Dr. to numb the intense pain he warned me I would have. He was So right. Allows me to sleep.”

Electrojaxx January 25, 2012

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