LO LOESTRIN FE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I started lolo about 7-8 months ago. It was good and only had breakthrough bleeding at the very beginning. However I’m not sure what’s causing it, but now I have been bleeding for about 6 weeks straight out of nowhere. It stopped because I went to the doctor and they gave me some medication to stop the bleeding and kind of re set me so I hope that works. But I’ve really liked it so far besides that. No weight gain, no acne. A little hair loss in the beginning but I was also postpartum so that probably had a lot , if not everything , to do with it.”

LDP March 13, 2018

For Birth Control “Stopping this medication TODAY. I began taking this medication a month ago after stopping Tri-Lo-sprintec (suffered from severe anxiety/depression because of this med, never felt that way in my life!!). Hoping this would be a better alternative, I AM back to being my true self, mood-wise, but I haven’t gotten my period, which I am not very comfortable with, and I get extremely light headed, have some chest pain, and nausea every night after eating. I have also gained a good number of weight in just a month because of this pill. Overall, I am NOT happy. I’m just so exhausted… I just hope to find a med that won’t effect me and my body so negatively!”

NRGrl12 (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 13, 2018

For Birth Control “I’m 50 years old. My doctor put me on this birth control to help with night sweats. Yes it has helped with that but the flip side is two weeks after I started it I got my period which was a normal time to get my period but it hasn’t stopped. I have only had a few days break from bleeding. I never get cramps and I have had horrible cramps and my breasts are super tender. This pill is killing my love life with my wonderful husband. After reading many reviews of depression and mood changes using this pill I cannot take this chance. I’m going to stop taking this pill and search for another solution to the night sweats.”

Hot Mama (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 6, 2018

“I started this medicine to help keep my hormones and PMS under control the dr said I could continually take it so I wouldn’t have to have a period. I am very sensitive to medicine but I’ve never had a drug affect me so quickly. On day one I had a severe migraine and I’d not had one on a while. The first night I was very itchy all over and my face and chest broke out. End of day two I was so broke out and itchy I took Zyrtec and stopped this medicine. Its honestly the worst one I’ve ever tried which surprised me due to low hormones.”

Anonymous March 3, 2018

For Birth Control “I really hated this BC. Everyone is different, but it caused me to have such severe hair loss at any given time I could pull out a clump. I had bad acne and had for years, but the pill made it so much worse that I was in daily pain from the horrible cystic acne. My periods were either nonexistent or extremely light. Sometimes spotting too. It did prevent pregnancy, but the side effects I had weren’t worth taking this anymore. Switched to a different brand with more estrogen and had 0 problems.”

sleepystrawberry (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 27, 2018

For Birth Control “I started Lo Loestrin Fe after having my Mirena IUD removed. Within two weeks of starting this medication my migraines ( which were had been under control ) returned with a vengeance to almost a daily regularity. Along with the migraines came panic attacks, irrational irritability, anger, unexplained bouts of sadness and disassociation. Please be extremely cautious before putting this medication in your body. It turned me into a completely different person. Keep a side effect journal when starting new medication, mine helped me realize the birth control was the cause of this massive shift.”

BWilson February 23, 2018

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