LOCOID LIPOCREAM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Eczema “I was impressed. After initial use I could really tell a difference, this is good.”

Teebay April 6, 2011

For Dermatitis “Works wonders. In combination with moisturizer(s), has cleared up skin problems.”

Anonymous March 17, 2010

For Eczema “I have used this for a long time for my eczema and it has worked well.”

Anonymous August 14, 2009

For Dermatitis “I used Locoid Lipocream for the first time under my eyes and it worked wonders. I then used it on my bald head and itis immediately improving by 100%. I recommend it highly.”

Anonymous July 11, 2009

For Dermatitis “The best ever. Locoid worked within a few days. Did not irritate my child’s skin. Will only use Locoid from now on.”

Anonymous June 30, 2009

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