LOMOTIL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Diarrhea “I have recently been diagnosed with C diff, which is a very bad bowel infection. I have lost 20 pounds due to severe diarrhea from the C diff. My doctor prescribed me the lomotil 3 times a day to help with the urgent bouts of diarrhea. I find taking 1-2 seems to be effective enough to not have the watery poops but enough I can live my life without urgency to go to the washroom. I’ve been stuck at home for over a month with worry about not finding a bathroom in time. This medicine has helped me enough to be able to enjoy some things without severe pain and diarrhea.”

Britt306123 December 19, 2017

For Diarrhea “I have a long history of IBS-D, which has grown worse in the past few years after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The diarrhea has become severe and daily, and without lomotil, I could rarely leave my house. It has helped tremendously, and I don’t seem to have any significant side effects. I try to take no more than one pill a day, in the morning, and it usually keeps me diarrhea-free until late afternoon, depending on what I eat for lunch. Some days, it holds me all day. I am very grateful for this drug, because nothing else I’ve tried has worked at all.”

pdp71 March 27, 2017

For Diarrhea “I have been taking Lomotil since I had surgery to repair a fistula in my intestines. I have crohn’s and am 38yr old male. The Lomotil has made it somewhat bearable and I have not had as many bouts of liquid feces since taking. Not a miracle drug but does help in a tremendous way. I suggest that you try it if you have disease that I have. Cannot stress NOT MIRACLE DRUG, BUT DOES HELP TREMENDOUSLY.”

Anon38from1978 January 10, 2017

For Diarrhea “If you’re sensitive to any medication I don’t recommend taking. I had an adverse reaction and it caused me to end up in the ER. I started out taking one dose and then began feeling anxious after several hours. Against my better judgement I took a second dose and the next morning felt nauseous which then led to vomiting that wouldn’t stop and severe anxiety. It also caused my heart rate to increase. I had to be treated for dehydration and nausea as well as something to calm my heart rate. An FYI I found out the hard way that Imodium AD also has similar effects on my body. I guess I’ll try and go a more natural route.”

KAC0505 November 15, 2016

For Diarrhea “I’ve had ulcerative colitis since 1967, with severe abdominal cramping and spasms, with and without diarrhea. After numerous attempts with other medications, I found lomotil to be most effective at controlling symptoms, without the side effects of other medications such as flushing. I can take 2 lomotil tabs at the onset of abdominal symptoms and abort attacks of diarrhea. It also works for cramping caused by spasms of the intestinal wall preventing feces from being expelled. Doctors are amazed that I’ve lived with this disease for so long without surgery, steroids or sulfa drugs. My key is managing my stress level which is very helpful overall, and lomotil, which aborts diarrhea and alleviates cramping. A miracle drug for me.”

professor9001833 (taken for 10 years or more) February 10, 2016

For Diarrhea “I have taken Lomotil for 11 years 2 in the am & 2 in the pm which controls my diarrhea except I am good for six/eight weeks and then for whatever reason it doesn’t work for a week or so. I even up my dosage but it doesn’t help thankfully the Lomotil starts working again. Just wish I didn’t have the time it doesn’t work.”

AFB February 8, 2016

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