LORAZEPAM INTENSOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Panic Disorder “My Son, he was on drugs and drinking. My wife and I returned from a vacation He tore his home up, he drove his truck through a heavy boarded fence. Damage in excess of $42,000. He slit his left wrist vertically very deep. It could not be stitched because of infection. He had a slit on right wrist and a slit on his throat. He got better with professional help and meds through an indigent program. A Psychiatrist visit was $1 an hour. He vastly improved from around 2009 through 2014 from drinking and drugs. Then in February 2014 he was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer and suffered terribly for the duration of Chemo and Radiation, In August he had his Esophagus removed (Esophagectomy) and was dead by September 23, 2014, at 1:10 AM. I want everyone to know that without the help of Lorazepam, I never would have gotten through the nightmarish ordeal with my son that I loved so much I would have killed and died for if it would have helped him. My precious Drew I’ll miss forever.”

Brickboo (taken for 10 years or more) February 14, 2018

For Panic Disorder “I do not take more than 1-2 mg per day, but have taken this medicine for many years. I’m bi polar 1 and take Lamotrigene with it. These are the only 2 medicines I take other than Tylenol. I realize the dangers of long term use, but Lorazepam changed my life for the better. No more anxiety and I used to have a fear of heights. Lorazepam helps with that. They key is to never take more than prescribed. That would get you into trouble.”

Brimun (taken for 10 years or more) February 13, 2018

For Anxiety “Avoid Benzos. I’m an alcoholic now, thanks to Lorazepam addiction. They leave a mark on you. Lorazepam was my vice. Again, avoid benzos. It can’t end well. Benzos are a one way street.”

Snowcaller February 26, 2016

For Panic Disorder “Panic/anxiety attacks since 1985, it blocks 99 percent of panic attacks does slow you down a little”

rockyddogg (taken for 10 years or more) September 18, 2015

For Sedation “Very helpful for short term treatment of anxiety and insomnia. I found I only needed to take half dose to have a good nights sleep and to feel calm the next day. Such a relief after 2 years cancer treatment left me very tired and anxious. Only problem is the doctors don’t like it to be used other than for short term.”

charlie 2 November 1, 2014

For Sedation “Very calming to my anxiety”

Alk3whit March 13, 2014

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