LYBREL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I’ve been on it for about 2 weeks and I feel zero side effects. I’m in my mid thirties and have had horrible PMDD depression for 20 freaking years! I started lybrel so I can stop my period for a while and have a break from those dark days. I was so worried lybrel would cause mood problems and I’m so relieved it has not. I give it an 8 rather than 10 because it’s only been a couple of weeks. There’s still time for things to go south but so far I’m so glad I started this! Only wish I’d done it sooner.”

Desireeeeeeeee September 11, 2017

For Birth Control “I have an auto immune system disease, my monthly periods were a big problem my doc put me on lybrel in 2009 no problems helped in many areas. Every one is different may not be for every one.”

Deezel (taken for 5 to 10 years) April 25, 2017

For Birth Control “I have been on this pill for nearly 2 years. I have not had a single period and no spotting after the first 3 months. Which has been great because I used to have horrid cramps. On the down side I have become terribly depressed, and have gained a LOT of weight. After the pack that I’m on is out I am going off of this pill.”

Klynnx3 (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 18, 2016

For Birth Control “I tried this pill for 6 months and have tried other low dose pills in the past, I sm 33 now. It did NOT stop my period and actually made me spot for weeks at a time with awful bloating and some weight gain. I finally gave up and tried natural products. Womb Sweep from Petalwise nearly saved my life. My periods aren’t gone but come with zero cramps/mood swings and more regularity. Not doing pharmaceuticals ever again.”

Sahara G. (taken for 6 months to 1 year) September 7, 2016

For Birth Control “Worst Birth control ever! My first month 2 months were great no period mild bloating a little weight gain and my boobs went up an entire cup size(No issues with this)…Although I did start my period halfway through the second pack and it lasted for 28 days! And my symptoms were terrible I was so depressed and bloated the first 3 weeks of bleeding and then the last week I became extremely light headed and vomited at the smell of anything. I went in to see my Dr wanting to get answered and he had me stop taking it right away explaining due to the bleeding my iron had dropped dangerously low! And it was all thanks to this birth control. I have tried plenty of birth controls in the past and never had anything like this happen!”

Peaches94 November 10, 2015

For Endometriosis “I took Lybrel or the generic equivalent Amethyst for many years. In the first years I found it worked very well for me and I loved it. I never had a period! Then I needed to take NSAIDs regularly for osteoarthritis which caused constant break through bleeding along with Endometriosis symptoms. Whenever I discontinued use of the Lybrel to keep my lining from becoming so thin, my periods were dibilitating and extremely heavy. Just started on Reclipsen with hopes of better results. I recommend this pill for anyone who does not regularly take any meds that can cause blood thinning.”

ReeRee129 November 1, 2013

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