LYSTEDA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Menorrhagia “A miracle , an absolute miracle .I’ve been very sick for the past 3 years (so much so that I have chronic anemia , and have been requiring IV infusions from a hematologist and the anemia being so chronic has caused some irreversable damage to my body . So I had asked many doctors for help yet they all only seem to know about birth control or hysterectomy. Although I only took one month of treatment, my bleeding was about 70 percent reduced and I seemed to have a much more normal period. The pain was much less pain than I’m use to as my usual cramping and clotting was so severe it resembled labor and delivery of fist sized clots , and usually required a trip to the hospital for IV Toradol /Morphine for the quite severe pain. I can happily say I think this is going to heal me from the chronic Anemia with continued use and time. (side effects were not very noticeable if at all. Just much more normal period.)”

HelpGetEmToStick March 5, 2018

For Menorrhagia “I’m 46 years old and Lysteda has been a miracle drug for me. In the last two years, my period took a turn for the worst – i.e. horrible clots that no tampon in the world could hold. I would randomly pass large clots one day, minimal bleeding the next and then clots again! It was so unpredictable that I was afraid to go anywhere in public. Let’s just say, I had one too many experiences, where I had to run to the ladies room at the grocery store, nail spa, car dealership… just to name a few. I’m blessed in that I work for a group of minimally invasive gynecologists who suggested I try Lysteda. My period is not “perfect”, but it’s definitely improved w/Lysteda!”

lisaw72 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) December 3, 2017

For Menstrual Disorders “Hi everyone, well it’s obvious that this medication is not for everyone, but for me I gotta tell you that I am grateful that I took this decision. For years I been having the worse periods just like most of you,I couldn’t go out due to my heavy days. It came to a point where I had to wear diapers to sleep and during the day. I suffer from multiple fibroids, one is 5cm. But when I was given my options, I decided to take listeda and try it for 3 months before a hysterectomy and it was the best decision ever. I went from gushing periods to almost spotting ones. The first day I tried, I was on my second day of menstrual and it was really bad. but I took the first 2 pills and within 30 mins my period just stopped. It was so lite I could not believe it.”

Nothanks31 November 9, 2017

For Menstrual Disorders “This medicine is a blessing I am 43 years old I eat healthy and exercise everyday except weekends. On March 15 2017 I was given the depot shot for my heavy bleeding BIG MISTAKE. From the shot I experience more bleeding and blood clots then I ever experience prior to me taking the shot. My bleeding continued for over 90 days I was admitted to the hospital for low blood and had to have a 4 pints of blood transfusion. On July 4 my doctor prescribed Lysteda I did experience some cramping and back pain but after 5 days of taking this medicine 3 times a day my bleeding stop completely now husband and I are much happier people!!”

J Baby July 20, 2017

For Menstrual Disorders “This medication has been a life saver for me. I usually bleed so bad that I can’t go anywhere when I have my period. I flood the whole time! My doctor prescribed this for my Disney Trip. What a lifesaver! My periods are much lighter and I have no side effects from this medication. Love it!!”

KimberlyE June 1, 2017

For Menstrual Disorders “Let me just say last month from the evening of the 1st to the morning of the 3rd I used 50 pads !! A few tampons too ! I started lysteda on the evening of the 1st this month, yes it was lighter !! 28 pads in 2 days. Day 3 and 4 got heavier!! Today I had clotting like I’ve never seen in my 30 plus years of having a cycle (dollar bill size). The cramps were so bad I felt like I was in labor !! I do suffer from fibriod tumors, and anemia due to heavy bleeding . I’m having a hysterectomy next month, and my Dr wants me to take these pills again next month. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY MORE OF THESE PILLS !! NOT 1 MORE !!”

DebilitatingPeriods (taken for less than 1 month) May 6, 2017

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