MESALAMINE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Delzicol (mesalamine) for Ulcerative Colitis, Maintenance: “I’ve used this drug for several years. It was first prescribed under the name Asacol. Delzicol is exactly the same drug but is delivered in a different capsule. I suspect that before the patent expires April 13, 2020, the greedy pharmaceutical company will find a new method to deliver the same drug thereby killing any chance of a generic becoming available. I’m fortunate to have a Medicare plan that covers this drug with a $45.00 copay. However when I reach the donut hole at the end of the year, the copay is close to $400. But even that beats the price of over $600.00 retail. The good news is that the drug does work for me. I hope others are relieved as well.”

Carol (taken for 5 to 10 years) March 3, 2018

Asacol HD (mesalamine) for Crohn’s Disease: “I feel that this medication is of a big help to me. I have had crohns since 2004. I have good days and bad days more good than bad. I can not take any of the new treatments because I have two auto immune disorders. And I feel the risk is to high of bad side effects. I control my crohns with my diet and other otc meds that helps me deal with crohns better. The only problem I have is weight gain. I can not gain weight. Other than that I can live with it!”

Bandido (taken for 10 years or more) February 23, 2018

Asacol (mesalamine) for Crohn’s Disease: “Been taking this for 23 years – was doing quite well for a long time 4-6 x 400mg daily. No longer working – had bowel perforation and Chronic pains in large bowel and caecum. I’ve been on and off steriods for a year so trying azathioprine next week. Bloods returned anaemic low b12 so having injections also low TPMT – heterozygous ( Patients with low activity of TPMT are at a heightened risk of drug-induced bone marrow toxicity due to accumulation of the unmetabolised drug) so can only take low dose of aza. It is important to get checked for this before you start azathioprine. Let’s hope it works !! Sick of being sick and struggling to work.”

Ttra (taken for 10 years or more) February 17, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I had my first flare and diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis 3 years ago at 41 years of age. I was put on Mesalamine and it immediately worked great. Within days the symptoms had receded but in place of those I am one of the few to get the dreaded headaches. I have never had a headache in my life until then. I tried to hang in there until finally having to throw in the towel. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep. At all. I went days without sleeping. I took the max amount of aspirin I could but didn’t matter. Once I started actually hallucinating my wife said No more. I stopped taking it. The headaches stopped immediately and fortunately the flare was also ending at that point. Mesalamine really is a wonder drug if the side effects don’t overshadow the original problem for the individual.”

Dasho (taken for less than 1 month) February 13, 2018

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I started out using Asacol until they came out with the generic Mesalamine. Although this medication has been a miracle drug for me and my ulcerative colitis, The cost ,even with my BCBS insurance, is absolutely ridiculous!I am super happy that my colitis is in remission and has been for a while now, all because of this medication but , good gravy, how can they charge so much for medication? I have often thought about coming off the drug all because of the price but they have me. I don’t want to go back to diarrhea, and hemorraging.These drug companies are like Vampires, They just suck the life out of you. I work 40 hrs a week , just so I can pay for my prescriptions.”

#costreduction February 7, 2018

Lialda (mesalamine) for Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “It has seemed to help me a lot, but it’s whopping expensive. I lucked out on samples and mfg coupons for half a year, then got ate up by expenses. I like this version much better than the asacol I had years ago, which caused discomfort, and terrible urinary stains from residue. So far with Lialda the drug seems more concentrated or timed release, with no residue in urine.”

Mike B TX January 2, 2018

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