MESTINON: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Myasthenia Gravis “Medicine works well . I do experience muscle cramps, stomach aches and muscle twitching at times. Blurred vision occasionally. Over all. Satisfied with results.”

John Va. (taken for 6 months to 1 year) July 22, 2017

For Myasthenia Gravis “Thymus tumor caused Myasthenia Gravis. Tumor was removed (thymectomy) but still have severe muscle problems, treated with pyridostigmine 60mgx5 and 5 mg prednisone x2. Which gives me about a 1-2 hour window of better muscle control per dosage. Often times causes severe cramping in neck, head, face, hands, legs.., I take magnesium to relax the muscle cramping. Also have less control of bowels and urinary. Not sure if meds help or hinder in that area. Food has less taste too.”

EdwinaJW (taken for 6 months to 1 year) June 21, 2017

For Dysautonomia “I started on 30mg 2x/daily. I had initial loose stools, but have gone back to constipation. I didn’t get much relief from my tachycardia, and also noticed an increase in body twitches (not tremors). I’m now trying 60mg 2x/daily and I still have the increase in twitches and most notably, headaches (worse than the normal every day ones), and breathing issues (I already have asthma and laryngospams). Not sure any benefit is worth these side effects, but it’s only been a couple of days, so I’ll give it a little more time.”

POTSylady (taken for less than 1 month) February 17, 2017

For Myasthenia Gravis “I am a 44yr old male recently diagnosed with MG since Nov 2015. I take 90mg 4 times a day. My medication generally last 5hrs. My MG inolves slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, teary eyes, difficulty pushing food around with my tongue, a very weak bite. My medication usually kicks in after 45m-1hr. My speech improves although there is still a hint of a slur but much improved. Swallowing improves but still not confident. I always have water just in case. No diarrhea at all and only once I had severe cramps but that was while I was adjusting my dosage. Taking 2 60mg tablets will probably do that. Have vomited once but I function much better while on Mestinon.”

JJ71 January 25, 2016

For Myasthenia Gravis “I had lost the use of my arms and hands, couldn’t swallow nor chew….had double vision and often lost the ability for speech. Doctors believe it had progressed nearly 4 years before diagnosed. Within a couple of hours of starting the medication, functioning began to return. I take 3 60mg. tablets per day and am able to function quite well now.”

zenarcher (taken for 6 months to 1 year) October 11, 2015

For Dysautonomia “The good: less dizziness and blood pooling in legs due to POTS.The bad: I have all of the negative common side effects: I sweat horribly, I have a regular cough with mucous, I drool a lot and not just at night, I have frequent loose stool, my eyes are super blurry sometimes AND my tongue cramps so sometimes I sound like I’ve had a stroke or a severe speech impediment.Dose: 30-60 mg with dinner and 180 mg time span before bed. (I can’t handle the side effects during the day) I have been on this for over a year. I take this and accept the side effects because without it I would not be able to work due to my brand of POTS. The side effects aren’t consistent and my body metabolizes things differently every day.”

Super POTSY July 31, 2015

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