METHOCARBAMOL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Opiate Withdrawal: “I was taking 15mg oxycodone for about two years or a little more than that. My withdrawal (WD) I did alone. No one ever knew I was on them. It was really tough the first week. But robaxin and clonidin helped me with the WD. Doing it alone and having no one to talk to about it was difficult. I never wanted anyone to know. When I got clean I was able to tell a close friend that help me a whole lot. I’ve been clean for about 4 weeks. And as much as I would love to have the oxycodone I’m being good. I take BC powder when I feel aches it helps me with the WDI hope this helps at least someone.”

Marcus March 3, 2018

Robaxin (methocarbamol) for Muscle Spasm: “Prolonged virus (5+ days) caused the worst fibromyalgia flare-up I’ve had in 10 years. My symptoms worsened with each day that passed: deep, all-over body aches; swollen & inflamed joints; stomach pain with intestinal cramping. Not to be gross, but I had constant flatulence and loose bowel movements. I worried that taking Robaxin 500 mg with Lyrica 225 mg would be too sedating…what if there was an emergency, and I couldn’t respond to save my disabled son & myself? My doctor assured me that I could react to a smoke detector or help him if he had a seizure…but not to drive. Within two hours of taking both meds, I felt the tension slowly leaving my muscles; I fell asleep & woke up to a sound outside; was able to go back to sleep quickly. Still have a dull headache and widespread pain, but no “hangover” feeling. I think Advil 400 mg can get me through my day. I hope the Robaxin will help me to get sufficient relief & sleep to return to work in two days.”

IrishEyesNYC (taken for less than 1 month) February 17, 2018

For Muscle Spasm: “I don’t think this stuff works at all, it just makes me feel kinda drowsy, the muscles and back / neck / shoulder still hurt, still spasm, nothing at all has changed, and if I stop taking them I start having like, blinding headaches and flashes of light in my vision, even the doc says that wouldn’t happen, but it does. I have actually noticed that since I started taking this I’m having A LOT more issues with other areas of my body, like I’m having leg cramps, and my neck suddenly hurts a lot more often, also my muscles just feel weird, once I’m off this stuff I’m never using it again.”

J H C F February 14, 2018

Robaxin (methocarbamol) for Muscle Spasm: “Works for my neck and back muscle spasms, and seems to really help spasms in colon (I have microscopic colitis, which can feel like a wringer-washer inside), and maybe even helped settle down the esophagal spams. Started off with extra-strength, then as felt little better, switched to regular strength. Less side effects with lower dose. I already take a med with acetaminophen in it, so was happy to find a med that was straight robaxin, without the added acetaminophen.”

Stop those spasms February 6, 2018

Robaxin-750 (methocarbamol) for Muscle Spasm: “I had a Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted a few months ago, after failed surgical back syndrome, from surgery number 4. During my recovery I was given Robaxin 750. Though the implant was a huge success for me, the muscle spasms and skeletal pain were still there in places. The Robaxin makes my shoulders, and lower muscles feel so much better. I plan to ask my PCP to carry on with the medication. I see no problems since it’s not an opioid, narcotic, or addicting. Some people it will help, and some it wont. I have had no side effects or reactions.”

RayeAngela1 January 9, 2018

Robaxin-750 (methocarbamol) for Muscle Spasm: “This medicine is not any good for Fibromyalga, I take 750mg 6 pills a day. I wouldn’t recommend this medicine for fibromyalga…..”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 20, 2017

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