MIGRANAL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Cluster Headaches “I was told about this medicine from an older friend whom had horrible, debilitating migraines all her life and was light and sound sensitive. I would lock myself in a room and hope for it to pass. I was prescribed migranol. The active ingredient is actually a fungus. It has been around since ancient Roman times. (look it up..pretty interesting ) yes, the mark up is somewhere between 250%, the insurance pays $4,500 for 8 bottles. Yes, there is “No” generic and the company that makes it is from France. Yes, if you take it incorrectly, you will taste it in your mouth and swallow it. Please read the instructions all the way!!!Take in the first 5 minutes of a migraine..it will be less effective if it’s a full blown migraine. Takes my migraine away about 75%.No high(unless mixed with other drugs), no drowsy or lingering effects. I will continue to take unless my insurance says no more. Important stick to the dose and don’t go over as the toxic effects are dangerous – but its not toxic at correct dose.”

Anna B February 13, 2018

For Migraine “Migranal works for me 100% of the time, although somewhat slow acting (1-3 hours). I used to get migraines about once a week, with duration of 1-3 days, sometimes severe. For the past 3 years, I have been taking 10 mg of amitriptyline at night, and 37.5/25 mg triamterene/HCTZ in the morning. Under this program, I get the beginning of a migraine about once every 1-3 months, and these events have been 100% controlled by Migranal. Btw, the addition of triamterene/HCTZ was for Meniere’s syndrome, and the effect on migraine was a positive, unexpected side effect (amitriptylene alone had reduced the migraines to about 1-2 per month).”

Joe with no migraines December 9, 2017

For Migraine “Took the nasal spray version. It doesn’t seem to do anything. My migraines continued at the same frequency and intensity.”

Migrainaloid September 15, 2017

For Migraine “This drug DAMN near killed me.. took as prescribed with in minutes I was confused and lost consciousness.. ended up in the ED . Woke up the next day with my face swollen double its size and having no idea what happened to me… DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION!!!”

Don’t do it (taken for 5 to 10 years) November 28, 2016

For Migraine “I had chronic severe migraines almost daily for 25 years. Some things have sort of worked; most not. Botox made an enormous difference in my headaches. I have been using Migranal for breakthrough headaches and life is very much better. This year, Migranal, nor its generic (which are made by the same company??), are covered under my insurance. I have Medicare, and I receive Social Security Disability. The generic cost is more than my whole SSD check. MY neurologist and pharmacists are out of suggestions. They say maybe I can ask for Patient Assistance Coverage, which almost always is only given to people who already have some kind of drug coverage. Or maybe the doctor can give me samples. I am horrified.”

MariaMMB January 23, 2016

For Cluster Headaches “I have suffered with clusters for the last 20 years. Every time I’ve been prescribed something that works, the FDA finds a negative reason to stop production. Migranal seems to work really well, but the price is ridiculous!! My pharmacist requests that I only get it at the end of the month due to his cost. Now my insurance cost on it is being raised. Go figure…..”

Brandysanders July 4, 2014

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