MIRCETTE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I was on several different types of BC that all made me nauseous/vomit until I found Mircette. I had absolutely no side effects with this pill. The only reason I stopped taking it was because my husband and I wanted to start a family. I stopped taking the pill in August and we conceived in October so it had no effect on my fertility. I plan on taking this pill again as soon as I finish breastfeeding.”

hibiscusRN (taken for 2 to 5 years) February 18, 2017

For Birth Control “I took this BC for a year. My main reason for taking was due to recurring ovation cysts that ruptured every month and it worked wonders. As an added bonus it did its job as a birth control and without any side effects. I had no weight gain no acne no babies and no cysts. I didn’t lose my sex drive. And when I did stop taking it I was pregnant the second month after. So it didn’t effect my fertility which is a huge thing for me considering I miscarried after being on depo for 6 months.”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 2 years) October 10, 2016

For Birth Control “I was recently diagnosed with (thin) PCOS after stopping birth control for four years. The only reason I stopped my original pill was because they were no longer manufacturing it. I tried Mircette for a week, in an effort to manage my PCOS symptoms (low progesterone, acne, irritability, no menstruated cycles), and this pill was terrible. It increased my irritability, and gave me the worst cramps I’ve ever had. It was so painful, I couldn’t even move/walk to get to the bathroom. My doctor said this is not normal, and to stop the medication. I haven’t tried another one yet, and I’m considering going back to using my essential oils with natural progesterone. At least it improved my mood.”

Lauren H. (taken for less than 1 month) August 30, 2016

For Birth Control “I hate this birth control. I have gained excess weight, which never happened to me on any other b.c., and my PMDD is worse.My doc gave it to me bc I get severe headaches the week before, of, and after my period. So basically 3 of 4 wks in a month. And I was having horrible mood swings. Extreme PMS…as I said PMDD. This was supposed to help bc of lower levels and regulating hormones.Other than less severe headaches nothing has been lessened and I have gained 20lbs that won’t go away. I am quitting this pill today.”

B.C.M (taken for 1 to 2 years) July 7, 2016

For Birth Control “Switched from Ortho-Cyclen (Sprintec) bc of decrease in libido. Have trialed twice & both times have had weight gain (10-15lbs), increased acne (I don’t normally break out), and uncontrollable emotions. I literally would cry all month long, not just the week before my period. I have been super irritable & have unpredictable mood swings. After this month (the 3rd month of taking) I will be discontinuing & attempting a non-hormonal contraceptive – as I am prone to depression & this medication is junk.”

Elmil (taken for 1 to 6 months) December 10, 2015

For Birth Control “I changed to this birth control at the advice of my gyn to try to treat my menstrual migraine headaches after being on tri-sprintec for almost 10 years. It did what birth control is supposed to do;prevented pregnancy and regulated my period but the side effects were AWFUL! I gained over 20 pounds in less than 6 months, had really really bad mood swings, and the medicine caused me to have bad headaches and migraines at least once a week. Even with dieting and exercise the weight isn’t coming off and it’s so frustrating. I never had these problems in my 10 years prior on birth control. It has gotten to the point now that I have discontinued the medication because of the side effects. I hope others have better luck than I did!”

FinallyMrs.P September 21, 2015

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