NATESTO: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Hypogonadism, Male “I have been to the Low T center having to schedule every two weeks with the pain, and the feeling good for 2-3 days and then going back down. YoYo moods! I then switched to Bio-T pellet treatment. The nice part is that you only have to do it every 5 months or so. The bad part is that it is a minor surgery. I achieved my desired levels and more, but I was just too uncomfortable have an incision every 5 months with the inherent risks of infection and dealing with removing the stich every time. I decided to go to the topical gel and as other comments mentioned was a pain dealing with hugging my spouse and children, and dealing with my shirt sticking to my chest. I was prescribed but couldn’t give my self the injection.. Natesto Rocks!”

46 Year old male August 9, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male “I’m a 48 year old hypogonadism male that self injected for 5 plus years and hated it. The only reason I did it was to avoid the transference of the gels to my kids and fiance. I was offered Natesto and was sceptical of the 3 times a day thing, but to be honest it literally takes a couple seconds and I get an energy boost every time I take it. My fiance is a little younger than I am so on date nights (concerts specifically) I’ll take my third dose later and it’s like a shot of espresso. This had been a life changer for me. I would feel good for a couple days with the shots then I could feel the come down. With the Natesto I feel even all the time and I have my workout energy back. There’s a little learning curve to applying in the nose.”

OldSkullMan February 22, 2017

For Hypogonadism, Male “Decent. Switched from androgel so I don’t have to wear a plastic bubble to touch my wife or hug kids. It’s easier to use without drawing attention to myself. Gotta use three times a day, but i just use after each meal. Working well so far.”

Unclekevin September 3, 2015

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