NATPARA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Hypoparathyroidism “I developed hypoparathyroidism after 2013 thyroidectomy for goiter with compressive symptoms. Pre-op PTH 79 and Post-op 7, then undetectable. My body was literally freezing up, brain function slowed, total body/ facial numbness/fatigue consumed me, seizures, horrific bone pain, flu-like myalgia, even with perfect management of medications and good lab results, but I was barely functional. I started Natpara June 10, 2015 and began a thawing process. My thought processes improved, but there was unexplained damage from the years with no parathyroid function. Please, I hope endocrinologists will study the permanent impact of this disease on patients. I manage a medical practice and with Natpara I can tolerate very limited activity, age 59.”

Princess of Tides August 10, 2016

For Hypoparathyroidism “Before Natpara, I was considering declaring disability because I could no longer function adequately in my role as a professor. The brain fog was so bad that I could not finish sentences and I was getting lost when driving in my neighborhood. The fatigue limited me to one activity per day. I could go to the store, or I could cook, or I could clean the kitchen, but I could not do more than one activity. Now I can work and still engage in some activities. The brain fog is almost completely gone. I have noticed some diarrhea when I start using a freshly mixed syringe. I still have some cramping in my hands and feet- especially about 18-24 hours after my injection. I am so grateful to have Natpara. I got my life back!”

rnformoms (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 3, 2016

For Hypoparathyroidism “This drug has changed my life in just 5 days. I can think again! Feel again! Have a life again and be a productive member of society! I do feel that it starts to wear off around 18 hour after dosing.”

anonymous97 December 12, 2015

For Hypoparathyroidism “I’m doing really well on this med. Calcium levels have stabilized!!! Off rocaltrol after one week on med. Just, it feels like it wears off too soon. Would like to see twice daily dosing.”

Kimmydavis August 24, 2015

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