NEULASTA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy “The neulasta did exactly what it was supposed to do, however, the bone pain that I experienced for five days was almost a ten on the pain scale. I could only sleep an hour or so at a time. I took the recommended Claritin, dosages of ibuprofen, and hydrocodone. I started taking recommended doses of pain killers the night before the neulasta Nothing could be touch my pain. My second dose was worse than the first. While my counts have never been low, it is with great anxiety that I gave my third experience this week with Neulasta.”

Sue S (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 16, 2018

For Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy “Worse experience in my life with any medication. My WBC counts were normal after 12 rounds of chemo so it was unnecessary. I have never felt such excruciating bone pain for over 8 days. I was bedridden unable to stand up or sit down. Lost a weeks worth of work which is devastating as an independent contractor. I never will take Neulasta again no matter who recommends it. :(“

Alex59 (taken for less than 1 month) July 30, 2017

For Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy “I received the Neulasta after my chemo on Thursday. It blinked away for 27 hours, sounded its 2-minute warning, and dispenses its medicine all as advertised. I took Claritin and experienced no bone pain. By Monday I developed a fever, and by Wednesday my white cell count hit ZERO. I think the Neulasta failed and am curious about other patients with NO white cell count improvements from Neulasta.Also, the commercials really bother me because all the actors have hair. By the time you’re on “strong chemo” you have no hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes.”

123mfd123 (taken for less than 1 month) May 26, 2017

For Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy “Oncologist ordered my Neulasta injection the day following each chemo treatment for lymphoma. Two days after the first injection, I experienced debilitating bone pain in my femurs, hips and pelvis. Could barely walk & pelvis actually throbbed with deep bone ache! The pain lasted for three days, eventually subsiding on Day 3. Oncologist’s nurse informed me of that specific Neulasta side effect AND that she’d heard that if I took over-the-counter Claritin the day of chemo (no benadryl), and for the following five days, it may reduce the bone pain. Tried the Claritin path and experienced NO bone pain after Neulasta! My only complaint is that, in two out of six treatments, white cell count was not up enough for next chemo, delaying me 4-5 days.”

Rifleman1775 March 14, 2017

For Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy “I am not sure how effective the shot was but I’m giving a low rating due to a severe allergic reaction. I had my first chemo on a Monday and received the shot at 3pm the following Wednesday. By 5pm my feet were burning a rash swept up my whole body. My heart was racing. Spent the evening in ER. Needed shot of epinephrine and hooked up to IV. I will not be having the shot after my second round of chemo this Monday.”

G Mac March 3, 2017

For Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy “I have to rate this so low because of the side effects. I cannot even put into words how excruciating and debilitating the pain was. 72 hours an eternity. A experience that would stop me from taking chemo, but the doctor said he will not give it again. Hope this reaction does not happen to anyone else.”

Everyday1960 February 24, 2017

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