NIRAVAM: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Anxiety “I have suffered from anxiety and panic disorders for all of my adult life. When I was diagnosed with Leukemia, my level of anxiety was at at all time high, because it also caused severe bone pain. My pain-management Doctor had some samples of Niravam. The first week I tried it, my life was changed in a huge way. It goes to work so quickly, if most effective and the half-life of this medicine seems short, so you aren’t being “over-medicated”. I’ve suggested it to others with the same disorder, but sadly, most doctors have never heard of it. I appreciate a safe, effective medication and just wish that more doctors were aware that it’s more effective and no or very few side-effects, so they can benefit more patients.”

Pamala3 June 24, 2011

For Anxiety “This is the only medication that makes me able to focus and stop obsessing on things I can’t control and makes me able to be productive and active.”

niravam user January 12, 2010

For Anxiety “I was prescribed this by my doctor as a fast acting release from anxiety attacks. It helped me come off all medications for my anxiety disorder, now I only take Niravam when I’m having a bad anxiety attack, which is now very rare!”

Anonymous November 10, 2009

For Anxiety “I have a disorder called RSD/CRPS one of the things this has affected is my hearing and sensitivity to movement so when I have to get in a large crowd or noisy environment like an airport I can take one of these and it dramatically helps since I never know when I will be in a situation like that. It is nice to be able to take a quick acting medicine to help. It does a great job”

Chaser1 November 6, 2009

For Panic Disorder “I suffer from Combat related PTSD, Depression and Panic Attacks. Have been taking Ativan for several years with Wellbutrin SR. I still take the Ativan to control the anxiety, but since my doctor added Niravam, it seems as soon as it dissolves on my tongue, I can feel almost immediate relief, and it stops the panic attack in no time at all. It’s truly a miracle medication.”

Anonymous July 10, 2009

For Depression “I have taken this for a chronic stuttering problem. It has lessened my anxiety, anxiousness and depressive moods in speech situatuions as well as daily stress. Due to being fast acting, it has been my experience this is the better of the many antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs. I have not found it addictive, and have had no side effects.”

medikman32 February 4, 2009

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