NORETHINDRONE: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

Jencycla (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I’ve been in all different kinds of birth control since I was 14. They have all had horrible side effects. I started this BC after having my first daughter because I was breastfeeding. I have never experienced a single side effect. Due to insurance issues I wasn’t able to get this specific one and they switched me to “the same formula just a different brand” it was a no go!! I had mood swings and severe depression instantly. I only took it for like a month. Anyways, got insurance all sorted out and was able to get jensycla again. No joke guys my depression has actually IMRPOVED since being back on this mini pill. And still no side effects. I’ve been taking it for about 1.5 years total with a small 3 month break. 10/10 would recommend.”

Jahni (taken for 1 to 2 years) March 12, 2018

Ortho Micronor (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “Pros: I never got periods or cramps.Cons: 1. Depression – Regardless of the new studies that came out stating progestin-only birth control isn’t linked to depression… it still does mess up with your hormones. I’ve had the worst depression episode of my whole life. I didn’t believe the people that blamed BC for causing fights between their partners. But now I believe it. Once I switched back to Estrogen-progestin BC, I am now back to my normal mood. 2. Acne – I’ve had the worst acne in my life on this BC. I had constant deep cystic acne. My skin cleared after I stopped taking this pill.”

Julie March 7, 2018

Camila (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “This birth control was horrible for me. I have NEVER had such a bad experience.. generally I respond just fine to any birth control (and I have been on quite a handful). The only potential factor here is that I am a few months postpartum so it is possible that my body still needs time to regulate, but I have gotten so much breakthrough bleeding on this pill and I really feel like things should be more normal by this point. If you have another option, I highly advise taking any pill other than this one.”

ro (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 6, 2018

For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: “I had an ablation and tuba ligation in 1/2013 because of heavy periods. The first year and half was amazing! Over the years my period has been getting heavy again and the cramps are worse than ever. June 2017 I went to see my GYN because of the pain. He gave me a pelvic exam and said everything looked fine. He prescribed me 5mg of Norethindrone twice daily, and referred me to the radiologist. I have two small fibroids. The first 4 months were amazing, I didn’t have cramping, bloating, and no period! Between Jun-Oct I lost 45lbs, and had tons of energy! By mid Nov things changed dramatically. I began having extremely painful cramps, night sweats, no energy, and no sex drive. We are now in March 2018 and everything is worse. Now I’m having extreme mood swings, I’ve gained all of the weight I lost and then some. I’m so bloated all the time that I look like I’m 7 months pregnant. The plus side is I haven’t had a period since June, but I feel like I’m losing myself and mind.”

Moody Momma (taken for 6 months to 1 year) March 6, 2018

For Birth Control: “This was my first birth control experience and it’s been a pretty good one. It’s so interesting to me that I see so many reviews about periods being irregular. I never noticed any change in my menstrual cycle with this. It stayed very consistent like it always has been.Positives: – Consistent period – My mood felt more stableNegatives: – Decreased sex drive – Weight gainI also wonder if the negatives were actually caused by this, so take it with a grain of salt.”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 2 years) March 5, 2018

Nora-Be (norethindrone) for Birth Control: “I’m on day 4 of Nora Be… I started the first day of my period. I am verrrry sensitive to all medicines. I thought this would be a good option. Since combination pills made my hair fall out. Day 4 and I’ve notice reoccurring headaches…. I know it’s a side effect listed. Birth control makes me cry… It’s 2018 why haven’t we found a more natural form. The Copper IUD was horrible as well I don’t recommend it at all I thought it was “natural” but it’s not. Other than Nora Be I like it but the head aches suck. Maybe I just need to exercise….”

Spiritcon (taken for less than 1 month) February 28, 2018

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