NUCALA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Asthma “I have been on this drug for 8 years. ( It was a clinical trial when I began) I was diagnosed with HES (hypereosinophilia) and it was attacking my lungs the most. Chronic pneumonia/lung infections and asthma. Despite a healthy lifestyle I could no longer walk a flight of stairs or even half a block without being winded and dizzy. Steroid use exacerbated the infections. My dr suggested the mepolizumab clinical trial. The dose was much higher via IV when I started and results were apparent within a week. Main side effect was nausea which has subsided with the lower dose. I now get monthly injections and am perfectly healthy. I work out daily and am very fit. I still have some mild asthma symptoms but rare and easily controlled without prednisone. Haven’t noticed any long term use side effects.I believe this drug saved my life. Downside is cost… Hopefully you have a great drug plan to cover it. But I would definitely recommend trying it!”

TerraCh February 15, 2018

For Asthma “I have been a severe asthmatic for about 45 years. I have been on a steady dose of prednisone and put on tons of weight. I worked for a while then when reducing the dosage I was again in trouble. My specialist finally said lets try Nucala, what a game changer. The second day I felt like a new person, I could go up and down stairs without being winded. I could actually go out and enjoy myself. Our recent weather with sub zero temps what a real test as I usually wheeze terribly. No wheezing. The company that makes the medication is a life saver. Thank You so much for giving me my life back.”

500Speedway (taken for less than 1 month) January 9, 2018

For Asthma “I have severe asthma. Prednisone made me feel better for a little while. I had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) immediately after receiving Nucala in an infusion center in a hospital. I was transferred to the ER. I was treated and released on high doses of prednisone and benadryl. I had anaphylaxis again (4 days later). An ambulance took me to ER again. I was treated and given an epi pen. I continued to have an allergic reaction for weeks (high doses of prednisone and benadryl.). I wish that I hadn’t been allergic to this medication.”

severe asthma (taken for less than 1 month) October 27, 2017

For Asthma “Diagnosed borderline asthma when I was 21. Over the years it has steadily worsened. 8 years ago, I became steroid dependant. Other than that nothing worked. I was on literally everything I could be on and it just wasn’t enough. I was afraid my pulmonologist would give me up for a lost cause. Started Nucala in January 2017. It wasn’t instant, and I actually missed 2 doses, April and May. When I restarted in June, it was like something clicked. I can now participate in activities with family and friends. Almost off the steroids completely. Could not be happier with these results!”

JODYb686 August 31, 2017

For Asthma “I’ve had asthma since I was 18. Over the last 36 years, it has gotten progressively worse. My lungs were always congested and breathing was always labored. Prednisone used to work for a few months and clear up those symptoms but not anymore. Already in my 50s and my breathing getting steadily worse, I did some research to find the best respiratory hospital in the USA. In July 2015 which I went to and I was diagnosed with eociniphilic asthma but Nucala wasn’t yet approved. I started Nucala in April 2017. By the fourth shot, I’m a new person. I can breathe without lung congestion and haven’t used my rescue inhaler at all in five weeks. It’s a miracle drug! Thank you GlaxoSmthKline!!”

Lseidman62 (taken for 1 to 6 months) August 15, 2017

For Asthma “I suffered from severe asthma for the past 4 years. I was hospitalized several times, despite using 4 different asthma medications. Nothing seemed to control my symptoms for very long, except high doses of prednisone. After a blood test, and some pre-approval from my insurance company, my doctor finally got me approved for Nucala. Nucala has been a life changer. I can finally breathe much easier, I’m able to exercise, enjoy the outdoors & I rarely have asthma attacks now.”

Bcbssm11 May 21, 2017

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