ODEFSEY: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For HIV Infection “I was diagnosed in July of 2017, and immediately started on ODEFSY the following month. After 3 month I was undetectable. Very little side effects, I had headaches for a few weeks. However I took aleve to get rid of it. I feel really good now 6 months later”

troyster February 22, 2018

For HIV Infection “Five years on Atripla. Though was very beneficial to my health, the side effects were a serious problem. They say “your body will get used to it and eventually the side effects will go away.” But for me, side effects never subsided. Been on Odefsey now for 1 year. Best medicine for me. Zero side effects, and I mean NONE. My numbers have been perfect throughout the Atripla experience and continue to be maintained with Odefsey.”

Joe421 April 11, 2017

For HIV Infection “I started Complera and Tivicay in July 2015 after 10 years without meds (VL 8,000 & CD4 450 when I started), and switched to Odefsey and Tivicay in May 2016. I didn’t realize how much I’d appreciate taking the smaller Odefsey pill every day. The first few months on Complera, I often felt cloudy and got tired easily. I suspect that was a side effect. I don’t really have that issue now. I was reluctant starting meds due to possible side effects, but actually my quality of life improved. Without meds I had daily upset stomach issues, but those disappeared immediately after I started. If you’re on insurance, be sure to get the Gilead co-pay card. It’ll cover your deductibles and co-pays.”

shaun1 (taken for 1 to 6 months) June 18, 2016

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