ONZETRA XSAIL: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Migraine “I have had chronic migraines for 11 years now. I switched Neurologist and she suggested this medication. I love this stuff! This is seriously the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. If I take it at the first sign of my migraine it will be completely gone within 15 minutes!! There has been only once that my migraine did not go away so I had to take another one. It definitely burns when it goes in but that subsides in a few seconds for me. The medication does drip down the back of my throat for a while but I don’t mind that because my head isn’t pounding. I do feel a bit fuzzy for about 15 minutes but it does go away. I would give this medication a try if you have tried many different things and nothing has worked like me.”

Shhill123 January 5, 2018

For Migraine “Onzetra xsail works for me. It’s a wonderful drug with minimal side effects. Pain almost gone within 5-10 min of using. If pain comes back (which it did 2/8 times) I took again and migraine gone. Get 7-8 migraines per month. Very grateful for med. Extremely expensive however… May need to switch to pill form. :(“

Love thismed (taken for 1 to 6 months) December 23, 2017

For Migraine “I was having my follow-up appointment with my neurologist and she gave me a sample of this because the oral tablets were not working and the nasal solution was taking a while to work for me. This was my miracle drug for me, one evening I felt my migraine coming on and I tried my sample pack I was very nervous about blowing something up my nostril but this wasn’t bad at all, and within 5 minutes I could feel my headache start to calm down. I did not have to go into my dark room. I am really impressed and you don’t taste the medication going down your throat as much as you do with the solution. Thank you”

Nana Vangie June 29, 2017

For Migraine “Went to see my neurologist for usual migraine check up, med refills, treatment. While there he suggested Botox (another story DO NOT DO IT, I am in horrible non stop pain) since I was in the middle of an episode I got a Toradol injection and this NEW Onzetra Nasal. Not a fan of anything going up my nose should have went with my gut instinct. You put one opening in a nostril the other in your mouth and blow. Like blowing up balloon, blowing powder through out your nose, soft palette and throat. It felt like sucking salt water up your nose, the pain was immediate, eye watering, dizzying, nose pinching, nauseous pain. I coughed, gagged, cried wanted to scream. 3 days later am worse than ever pain, shaking, incapacitated. Not worth it.”

snoozinpitt January 28, 2017

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