OPANA: FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments

User Comments:

For Pain “I was switched to Opana ER after OxyContin stopped working for my chronic nerve pain. Opana ER gave me at least 12 hrs of relief, no high, and I took much less breakthrough meds. When I went to refilll it a few months ago I was told Opana ER is no longer available due to complications addicts are getting from injecting it. I am very annoyed that the FDA prioritizes abusers over legitimate, responsible pain patients.”

DosOldie (taken for 1 to 2 years) December 21, 2017

For Pain “My Dr had put me on opana 60 mg twice daily Along with oxymorphone 10mg for breakthrough pain. This did work beautiful. Unfortunately, my insurance changed, and I was put on oxycontin ER and oxycodone. This combo never worked as well the prior medication regime I was on. Even when I increased the amount I was taking on my own, it never fully Took the pain away. He decided after a year or so, to put me on levorphanol and oxycodone for breakthrough pain. The levorphanol works​ ALOT better than the oxycontin still. Levorphanol must be sent through the mail to PA, as it’s not carried in this state and MOST pharmacist have never heard of it. It’s called the forgotten opioid. Opana Works great for TRUE spinal cord Pain. No high.. Great relief!”

Showboat68 (taken for 1 to 2 years) September 22, 2017

For Pain “I have been on Opana Er 60mg 3x a day for over a year now for chronic back pain. It is wonderful. Nothing has ever worked for me like it has. Not fentanyl patches, not oxys, nothing. I suggest any of you have a genetic test done by your pain doctor. I did. It allows your doctor to be able to tell what pain meds work for you the best. It isn’t always about what med is the strongest, its about what your body will use.”

Mauradib April 10, 2017

For Pain “Has been a life saver to me. I have a very long history with trauma and has caused me a lifetime of serious pain CRPS, FIBROMYALGIA, PTSD . All my doctor’s had said the pain was “in my head”, and hearing someone, who SHOULD understand that you can have unimaginable pain due to trauma combined with other Neurological & Psychiatric issues. Thanks to my Psychiatrist for prescribing this for me..It’s helped with my depression anxiety and insomnia as well. My doctor and I have an incredible bond…A bond that has taken years, decades, to build the most respected form of TRUST. I DO NOT MESS WITH NOR USE MY MEDICATIONS FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I’M PRESCRIBED. I keep my RXs to myself & hidden well. Do Not Mess with medicine. NOT INTENDED FOR RECREATIONAL USE, EVER!!!!”

kjc7962 (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 11, 2017

For Pain “I’m going to be very much to the point I had a physician that retired I began seeing a new physician after searching for a physician I was comfortable with I was continued being prescribed oxycodone ER 2-30mg tab 3x a day with 4mg hydromorphone with each dose The Physician referred me to pain management pain management change meds two 100 mg oxycodone ER that is one 40 mg & one 60 mg. & 80mg oxycodone 2x day & 8mg hydromorphone every 8 hrs with each dose. Then pain management switch me to oxymorphone 40mg every 12 hours & 8mg hydromorphone with each dose. Why is this is not working why? Should I go back on 100mg sulfate morphine tablet ER and 8mg hydromorphone 3x a day. Oxymorphone is new to me all the other meds I’ve been on over 10 years”

NICEGUYNYC (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 8, 2017

For Pain “I started opana about 5 months ago, the withdrawls make you feel like you have the stomach bug and flu at the same time. Night sweats every bone feels broken, stomach cramping, strange negitive thoughts that arent real. This medication didnt help at all with my disc heritage, gout, broken foot, sore tooth..first night i wondered if i would make it thru the night. I was on 40mg twice a day 12 hour ER. I wouldnt suggest this medication to anyone. Its hard to require medication assistance just to move, but its even.worse being on a medicaton that didnt help and caused the worst withdrawls of my life. It took 9 days to feel better! Good luck”

Luci0200 July 7, 2016

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